Sunday, February 16, 2014

Understanding love

It always said that love is blind its mere interaction of feeling in different age group and its keep changing time to time.Firstly all the person serve to their history time in adolescence  then start earning they serve future and solitude them so all the nitty gretty of life was thrown up their shoulder to understand the life and indulgence into adolescence and make make future of their subordinate and parent perfect and get settled for the future event during this course of time they have mixed feeling and they want more from life it dependent on which state of mind they are and they would be.there are demons and angels which keep your mind busy some go through some get indulge and some made them to indulge those are called cupid of lord.When eyes can tell the bliss and tears tell the story one has to be friend to understand each other glory and one interaction set the cord the tirings goes into the heart and you miss a heartbeat and connect to your lord more you indulge the more pure thought and you reach the story of unspoken heart when mind is calm and breath is warm you get the cosy comfort in your mind and indulge to get it even heart break the cord.that why love has no language and its speak the unspoken words and its not so called materialistic its deep uprooted up and above to be free from the thoughts and thoughts provoke think happens,journey begin history made and reveled new language of LOVE