Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Interview Session

Well after completing your studies first thing strike was to find a decent and job satisfaction job during that time payment is not the issue only thing matters was getting good job and decent company which could take our employee graph to higher level.it starts with job search on Internet,newspaper,consulting companies and if that doesn't help then "friends list keep on increasing and decreasing". i started giving interviews after coming back from china almost all IT and non IT companies took my interviews and all lasted for at least a hour ,sometimes i solve their issue in no times sometimes i got struck while solving their problems and it seems not good to get money to solve their there issues and live it with for few days as if i was not their employee and their is no legal bounding as such after that they took me from granted and i came to know someone else taking money on my behalf for me to solve problems and problems seems to big bigger biggest then on one fine days i caught that fellow and requested him to STOP the nonsense, but it seems its not got into his head and i still facing the same issues and they take it as good gestures, but it took me long time after getting my job after returning back, i learned many things during interviews from architecture of buildings to
robotic arms,car sketching,small business enterprises issues,shipping industries,police file handling, and no wonders they list he was handling.well its tough to get job in this scenario.then i got break in teaching in school, banking sector, media sectors, quality sectors, pharmacy sectors and government sector. Its fun if we get paid for solving the issue company facing in an interview. then its seems to be time saving and burden is not much and would be fun.