Friday, February 28, 2014

Cricket school /college

Cricket is most loved sports in the Asiatic world, its natural choice for sports for me, since schooldays use to played cricket  next to my home, ground is always booked for us at-least for to hours, i played with different teams "Gali , Ground, School,Seniors, Ranji  and nationals players"
 sometimes use to get call from clubs for practice session n use to do bowling for 10 overs, its was fun. The best game ever was FC vs Wadia, we gave them practice and when we started playing on ground it was totally a different ball game, while doing fielding ball struck me n i sat out of stadium and made many wadian friends some very good, then after recovery i got chance to ball a i got 3 wickets and thats to bowled with stumps brooked. then our turn came to bat and miracles happens rains, dust, shadows  n on very heavy heart we have to abandoned the match due to bad weather. then we played with various colleges on various ground, also with medical college its was fun i put-down 6 sixes n 6 wickets and we draw the one day match
sometimes i feel we saw almost all stars player style of cricket n we find our self pleased with the blessing the shower upon us in any-form of kind n rewards.