Monday, February 24, 2014

NDA Tour

During Class 8 i get a opputuretunity to visit bombay with clasement and cadets its was a month long tour where cadets go to thier routine scheduled tenure and we  use to get our scheduled  we stayed at WNC mess in colaba near navi nagar its was just fantastic ocean view tall buildings classy peoples and very generous crowd we visited almost all place in mumbai we saw movie shooting met stars and celebs,theater peoples. we had a crash course of fine arts in JJ school of arts for a weak we understood fine tune of arts only thing struck me was sculpture its very difficult for me i could not control the stroke of and usually use to break the stone.we also visted in food and craft institute of hospitality near VT its was real fun we got chance to sit across panel to take interview, we are advices to keep gesture properly and speak very few words and we kept our promise we recruite 10 cooks for NDA mess.and also few professor in various genre of NDa course of course there where top panel,we also get a chance to visit Dockyard and we went to saw vikrant and virat and K9 ship ,but its not my kind of taste cabin where small and very much messy thing only thing i like was a basement where they use to keep their helicopters and that too 10 with water surrounding ,we where suprised how come water enter ship and they explain us basment is suppose to be filled with water it help ship in sailing. we also saw war ship ,loaded with weapon its was fantastic.the best part was fort road during evenin we use tolisten to radio and sing along yaaali yaaali yaaali and we came back after spending wonderful time people still call us with the name alibaba chali chor.