Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Temple Run

Since childhood water seems to be major source of attraction for me,as damn is near by i use to go there almost everyday in school days it was kinda refershing,we used to have picnic there quite often and also family picnic ,as there is lush greenery even during june july and there used to be wild animal walking down past every now and then,i suddenly stop walking in my college days some time in middle of time i use to walk but it doen't seems that refreshing and use to be a bit of fear inside me,i use do running during sports event occur in pune and around just to feel the sporty spirits live inside me,once in pas Olympic i saw few Emmit runner running there i was surprised how come these people come down here,i used to run with them for a
week time they told me nittygrrety of running event i use to work upon them and reallystart loving running,i used to set 5,10 Km mark for my self and use to push the limit by finishing with sprint of around 100m. then after few days thing start changing inside me. in morning and evening i used to felt even though i am not doing anything i used to get call from them and to my surprised few animals also become part of it and few really wild one also and i used to reconginzed them and also used to call them my name of my dog which i remember,then things change i used to walk instead of jog and the temple murti seems to be changing as if they are made quite frequently and people also used to tell me please stop going to that route its not healthy anymore b'cous some people used to saw holy spirits and few fiction incidents still i use to manage to get long with my dad and i use to feel the same. but my temple run is not yet finished,instead i use to visit different temples here and there to search of something as if its message, hope i used to live with my temple run and get a very nice reward to end my temple run