Saturday, November 23, 2013

walk past few miles

after long days i started walking on the road 4 km damn road,it took me to memory lane atleast few era back i guess three ages back from child to artist to dictator land,had a found memories had few dreams also of that era had made few sketch to fetch my consciousness got few names saw few face have some fun some sorrow too but its the journey i always begs too.amazing hope in near future i must came along few more paths like that born again in that land and surely not have to go through all that pain just to remember the name n few games .

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The Tour is integral part of my life;tour means journey,journey means fun learning relaxing inventions meeting different ppls of different strata of the walk of life ,journey is any form of walk from big leap to walk pass the temple to get vegetables from market to a causal walk,we meet many,some known unknowns some of them goods some are very good some known some unknown some are time period some give you knowledge and some even give wisdom some gives to funny bone and some just a look some ask to tie the shoe lace but when u are on tour and having a sip of tea in unknown place u remember all the experience of life and remembers all those good and bad movement u gone through on tour you need time of your own even the best selling novel felt boring at time even the best of ur own line felt sorry of that time,is it because of you alone or its the land where u resting some say without satisfying the old spirits you can't the best of your time no matter u live in the most luxurious hotels even sleep on sea shore is worth if u felt the ONE,it last for few minutes but gives you enough high that u start getting after it and tour the live to get those feeling those taste-bud satisfy,for me the best i had was in guwahati a 7 km walk with my brother we were trench in sweat and we know we have to walk anyhow to reach home we talked a lot pray a lot becasue the route was less traveled it give me enough memories of himachal temples and all walk of my life we know we are u different path might not leads us to our home but options is nothing have to have,sometimes the roads gives us pleasure some time pressures some time a chai stand wala gives us hope some time even our shadows fear atleast me to death some birds sings nice songs some time-even ant gives us hope some grass where seen green even in night some time even scooter light seems to be deemed some time the passer by poster give indicator that we reached at-last we saw a stranger which say u reached the home and then we saw ohh we reached before time it took us just 30 minutes but we where too tired to get into all these thing at-last we reached a had a tight sleep and decided to never be late and reached home by half past eight

Monday, September 2, 2013


after long time felt so relaxed like all the responsibilities of nothingness is shed up,want to just sit down in a luxury car and just sleep for hours an sip tea on mountain hill and see the sunset for hours and then again sleep for long time till the dawn...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

travel part 2

lets start the never forget journey of life to conquest to find self in the mist of forest and chi chi sound of birds and vrooom passing by mobike na cars again the same question who are we what is here we belongs to what thing pulling us back is it time to think for past glrious years or time wants us to think a while dress a while and waite for the right time to start the never ending journey to find our right home of peace and rest in ever wondered earth filled soule restted journey for me jourmey is more than life its give me soo many questions answers which i can;t able to find alone no books have told one man have ever said even i can't say but just songs and few dialgoue few hints few dreams and few fear filled fact that is all we are made of desired desired destiny destiny and quest to reach beyound earth beyound everything just go with the wings..... hope i might start a new journey soon of knowldge of desire even in work or making any damn thing we got few time break and we think unimaginable we thing its from past or might be future or something we just can't think of we call it daydreamers hummm well no thought is guided though i thinki write someday might be thinker writer might be better blogger but again not a teacher of book not a rider of hook an dcertainly not a guide of tour not a programmer of ICU not a desinger of ....... and just me an me n my frineds in pure deli-ma of truth

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hi aftyer loooong time wants to write something
i ride quite a long mean almost miles across a country within a small caled in and around pune,its nice ride sometimes tricky sometime scarry,sometime sear thrill some time pleasure and some time TURning point too i know pune quite well but still thing something missing in this city,u know what i mean pleasure driving divine sun blessful greenry,sothing flvour of food and above all smiling face of ppl cheering around not rally i am talking about just fun hope sun might gre from west but it will be called mudwa and might set in west its called east street and some trees might show u way to join the shadow of leaves an dask u to leave to new path new destiny i thing its time to be more open minded and move to new horizon called ROAD TRIP to NORTH through moutains rains and the wildest animal waiting for mingle to kiss the feet of sand on ocean beaware it could be your shadow apart,soooooooooooo lets gooooooooooo, tring tring  triga ;;;;;!


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