Sunday, August 11, 2013

travel part 2

lets start the never forget journey of life to conquest to find self in the mist of forest and chi chi sound of birds and vrooom passing by mobike na cars again the same question who are we what is here we belongs to what thing pulling us back is it time to think for past glrious years or time wants us to think a while dress a while and waite for the right time to start the never ending journey to find our right home of peace and rest in ever wondered earth filled soule restted journey for me jourmey is more than life its give me soo many questions answers which i can;t able to find alone no books have told one man have ever said even i can't say but just songs and few dialgoue few hints few dreams and few fear filled fact that is all we are made of desired desired destiny destiny and quest to reach beyound earth beyound everything just go with the wings..... hope i might start a new journey soon of knowldge of desire even in work or making any damn thing we got few time break and we think unimaginable we thing its from past or might be future or something we just can't think of we call it daydreamers hummm well no thought is guided though i thinki write someday might be thinker writer might be better blogger but again not a teacher of book not a rider of hook an dcertainly not a guide of tour not a programmer of ICU not a desinger of ....... and just me an me n my frineds in pure deli-ma of truth


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