Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life Below Banyan Tree- Phase2

You should think,Positive and negative are parts of life,
positive leads to energy and burst the stream of hope and negative happen to your body catch the point of no-return,complicated,sublime intellectual it with right framework, the negative leads to flow in your blood stream .Drink,eat,relax the revolution of evolution is good to change the environment !
The sunbeam and cloud are nature and season, rains comes but the ray of good hope calls you again

Life Below Banyan Tree- phase1

Cult is Referred as virtue of sublime theories culture is belief of virtue to stay alive and connected ,virtual is radio,tv is stream ,real rhythm is getting on stage and belief in youth never die young.
 life exist in our time we bifurcate to see them in reality if that time come again to see Krishna Smile and Rama dancing.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sign Age

Once while doing job, saw a nice sign board

"We Got Business for the world but world should have eye to watch us".
"We have business meetings also in nights but mosquito have long and sharp beak"
"The Story board at meeting room have red stained glass,and story writer are missing"
"We sit down, bow our head down but problem is the distance between seat the computer is at Armed distance"
"The Communication network generally have beep beep sound"
"We believe in group and harmony but sometimes hard to recognize group members"
"Brain have derange problem but it stained our neckerchief"
"Love you self, like your subordinate , have smile for your seniors but pls do some homework"
"Justice prevails,Justice Denied,Just do it."


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