Monday, January 26, 2015

Tribute to Books. disclamer pls

George Orwell-To be the employee of your fortune you should think twice about the ministry and conqueror the self begin to govern the diplomacy of governing body,even the faith of your well begin and the fame and faceless behaviour of your society should be revelead in one form or other which is beign reflected into your face value to your not so big family and repesentative.

A History of the world in 100 object- there are few pillars which needs the wall to be made to build the god land of you studies and intellectually getting te revial the events thats leads to the begin of the societies n survivals of the well beign in the existenace with nature in natural activities which lead us to the horizon of stabilities of the event whichleads us to stay calm for many years to come and gets the things revolves of the knowledgable events of society.

A suitable BOY- the story of the first few kings which changes the course of history to build the formation of INDIA in true sense taking into account the true meaning to beign indian the journey of formation of india the gods ,godess n ritual thestory line across borders of rivers ,lake the mind stories of every indians what how they means of india and what they call marriage in indian tradtions.

A time to be happy- The pre and the post india independence,the moods of enlightment is so desolves in the timeline thats the actuals feeling couldn't be explained in the right time and right fashion to the right person in the lefties ways


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