Saturday, April 26, 2014

Perfect Rainy days Recepies


Two gorgeous, sunny days (with cool breezes)

One freshly mowed lawn
Two 5-mile walks (with a lazy dog and a talky child)
One just-weeded garden
Two afternoons at the pool (add 40 laps)
Liberal amounts of sunscreen
One chocolate sundae for 2 (with fresh berries)
Two hula hoops (with extra giggles)
One fire in outside fire pit
Several toasted marshmallows
Liberal amounts of bug-spray
One sleep-over (add an extra 9-year-old girl)
One London broil, grilled to perfection
Fresh veggies from the farmer’s market
Crusty bread
One bottle of Pinot Noir (or two… optional)
One watermelon
At least 4 good neighbors and friends


Mix together and bake at 85 degrees for 48 hours

Serve with smiles, laughter, good conversation, and lots of love.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pen On Paper

Once while giving exam of board on very first date we feel strangest strange experience , we where around 70 peoples giving board exam ,we all studied well and discussed the syllabus, while discussing we get to know few tips from here n there ,we check our belongings pencil-box ,i card etc.while just start of exam we gave our signature to attendee and we got question paper as thought came to mind while writing exam second thought spin our mind we all lost our pens and just remain with pencil we had a talk with teacher he says as exam starts we can't do anything we talked to our teacher they spoke to our parents to get at-least 100 pens they came back in 20 minutes but for us exam was already over it was 3 hours as our examiner told us as he belong to sanghathan our teacher could not speak much. that was still fresh in our mind

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Y 2 K or Rather why to care

Y 2 K or rather why to care

Y2k is the problem young generation face is in year 2000,its like every computer document data got wiped off when clock ticks 12.00.00,
 Well while doing JD Edward project when transfering data at the times ticks 00.00.00 it will gives us question mark so what we did is we transfer the data in and data got transfered and easiy refelected in the data sheet.

But what is Y2K in deeper sense it came to lime light during 1913 they said in loud "end of the world" that time ,it means earth is loosing the soil and one year is missing in peoples mind and its called generation gab its depend on staregic point pressure where there are natural time fluctuating in pune i noticed there are eight points if go roam around you will notice on hour defference. there are 7 zeros you can says aroud pune and there is only one spot where time could be felt it happend on 1935,1957 and year 1967 is generation gab then happen in 1976 and year 1991 is generation gab then it happened on 1998 and year 2000 is generation gap then it happen in 2005 and the generation gap time might be 2013..

well this is assumption and might not be a fact don't hang my neck for this ;).

Sunday, April 6, 2014

In a Mess near by

Once while having a lunch in a mess got a news that few guests are coming, they got there own chef they entered the mess and gave messwala few currency and ask them to let his mess for few hours, they created seven course menu on alfanumeric characters as
god knows what they mean by that but it was kinda good menu with separate dress code for each course,i was happy having those 7 days having shared chef spl menu.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Opposition should make Neutralization

Once in school we have Mock Parliament, we was divided into 3 group main ,opposite and writer,
i was in writer group we have nothing special as such to do just listen to conversation and make a point and submit to the Adyakash.
Our mock parliament session lasted for 3 days and people studied hard ,they read every magazine to make a point and put that against the ruling party and we use to stand up for final verdict and stops the conversation mid way and ask for conclusion,we also have work to finish ,there were 300 local and global issues,we sorted that and made a point of discussion note and submitted to Adyakash.
One point where should be opposition or should there be neutralizer in opposites, we blankly concluded for neutralizer who could close down the deal on neutral note which could not be answered and which are bit global issues and should be joint effort of parliament to make your point to global parliament.

ADL or FLF Design

Once was giving presentation to Bankers about the software which i made, its ended up from the shout outside the hotel we want the currency "ADL"   for name sake we call it President hotel. i stopped the presentation after seeing almost 100 supports outside bearing the candle and few yellow flag and the number on the flag in blue 4301, bankers also stopped the things they are joting down ,even they were surprise what is ADL and what is FLF, we combined thought its a not a good sign to talk about banking software. we went outside and talked to mop they told us ADL means "Ani Domnic legendra",well its out of the box one banker understood the situation and in short told us it will be big mess and they want ADL and they are from Domnic republic and they came long way after knowing the banking presentation its happen so many time down in the island..
we stoped about ADL and tey say we want FLF also now that nobody understand till now its wild guess, some says it means "Free Legendra Flicks or Flix ",well we some what understand that this means they want a lot more than banking software. and we ended up conclusion that they need to change the design of Few currency as those currency design are not good for transaction.
Well its was part of my presentation, and where ever i go for software presentation they come and i have to explain them the future of my software product and the things it will affect and they in turn suggest me the what could be done in better way for making software globally accepted ,
Well the currency with new design was sent to respective country, but any further advancement yet to be known.and i stopped giving banking software presentation after that.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Once in SIOM syndicate room discussion

Once while doing  MBA we have a syndicate room discussion as if Olympic ever happen in pune which team you will support and how you demarcate the Pin code of pune, and if you got business opportunity of doing business what kind of business you do it starts early in morning around 11 and ended up around 8 with party at Saras bhag , i said as if business apart i would take this opportunity to learn international business management and if get chance will sketch the caricature and took snap of the event, i have learned the caricature sketch with few friends and librarian, we practice event sketch like different events in stadium,win loose ,lost, found happy ,sad ,sorrow ,mourning, crying, anger, mind, body, soul, hands are few aspect of various sporting event and we took to advance level on human thinking with help of local police and journalist and politician and Celebs  and Admin, lawyers, Stall owner and hotelier about their incident and experience in the walk of life with help of Mr. Deshpande and Mr. kotwal sir.

we thought on the basic model

Pin Code 1 aka NDA - Kothrud
United States (USA)
China (CHN)‡
Great Britain (GBR)*

Pin Code 2 aka  Khadakwasla -raja ram paul

Russia (RUS)‡
South Korea (KOR)
Germany (GER)
France (FRA)
Italy (ITA)
Hungary (HUN)‡

pin Code 3 aka  I.A.T. - Singhad Fort

Australia (AUS)
Japan (JPN)
Kazakhstan (KAZ)
Netherlands (NED)
Ukraine (UKR)
New Zealand (NZL)‡
Cuba (CUB)‡

pin Code 4 aka  Pashan - Khadaki

Iran (IRI)
Jamaica (JAM)
Czech Republic (CZE)
North Korea (PRK)
Spain (ESP)
Brazil (BRA)
South Africa (RSA)
Ethiopia (ETH)
Croatia (CRO)
Belarus (BLR)
Romania (ROU)
Kenya (KEN)
Denmark (DEN)
Azerbaijan (AZE)
  Poland (POL)

pin Code 5 aka  CME - Dighi

Turkey (TUR)
Switzerland (SUI)
Lithuania (LTU)
Norway (NOR)
Canada (CAN)
Sweden (SWE)
Colombia (COL)
Georgia (GEO)
Mexico (MEX)
Ireland (IRL)
Argentina (ARG)
  Serbia (SRB)
  Slovenia (SLO)

Pin Code 6 Aka  Bhosari (

Tunisia (TUN)
Dominican Republic (DOM)
Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
Uzbekistan (UZB)‡
Latvia (LAT)
Algeria (ALG)
  Bahamas (BAH)
  Grenada (GRN)
Uganda (UGA)
  Venezuela (VEN)
India (IND)
Mongolia (MGL)

Pin Code 7 aka Aundh Camp

Thailand (THA)
Egypt (EGY)
Slovakia (SVK)
Armenia (ARM)
  Belgium (BEL)
  Finland (FIN)
Bulgaria (BUL)
  Estonia (EST)
  Indonesia (INA)
  Malaysia (MAS)
  Puerto Rico (PUR)
  Chinese Taipei (TPE)
Botswana (BOT)

Pin Code 8 aka  Hadapsar

  Cyprus (CYP)
  Gabon (GAB)
  Guatemala (GUA)
  Montenegro (MNE)
  Portugal (POR)
Greece (GRE)
  Moldova (MDA)
  Qatar (QAT)
  Singapore (SIN)
Afghanistan (AFG)
  Bahrain (BRN)
  Hong Kong (HKG)
  Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  Kuwait (KUW)
  Morocco (MAR)
  Tajikistan (TJK)


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