Saturday, April 26, 2014

Perfect Rainy days Recepies


Two gorgeous, sunny days (with cool breezes)

One freshly mowed lawn
Two 5-mile walks (with a lazy dog and a talky child)
One just-weeded garden
Two afternoons at the pool (add 40 laps)
Liberal amounts of sunscreen
One chocolate sundae for 2 (with fresh berries)
Two hula hoops (with extra giggles)
One fire in outside fire pit
Several toasted marshmallows
Liberal amounts of bug-spray
One sleep-over (add an extra 9-year-old girl)
One London broil, grilled to perfection
Fresh veggies from the farmer’s market
Crusty bread
One bottle of Pinot Noir (or two… optional)
One watermelon
At least 4 good neighbors and friends


Mix together and bake at 85 degrees for 48 hours

Serve with smiles, laughter, good conversation, and lots of love.