Sunday, March 30, 2014

Once a GirlFriend

Once a Boy shyingly asked a girl will you be mine girlfriend she says YES, then they moved to mall and girl said i don't like second hand shirt boy said okey but this worth a month pay,then they move on girl said i don't like a discounted shirt the boy says it's worth a half payment meal, then the boy gave a gift to the girl a bag and also bought a watch, after the girl father saw that and he says this purse worth a year year profit, then the boy met her parent and interview going on the girls father says what a gift you give to my girl, boy say TIME and he gave a sun clock to them but not a girl and said when time is right i will gift her a Watch and time she have to give for a life,

Standard Rating

mind say first thing first,public say my thought first,teachers say prinipel theory first,student say no homework studies should be first,parrents say all work rest in office first come home with smile forgot rest,traffic say think first drive with caution first,people mind thing so many first but wish always last first thing first.when start work in software hard thing first for beginer midle thing first for management sweet glory thing first little motivation nxt thing nxt day bit hard rest of the last and month end they take time break and to be saffer side say junior or subordinate first , so they could teach the management to them and slowy follow the foot step.

A perfect rhyme "A time past eleven i am at door step at half past four to see the morning sun glow then i go then i go."

to make the things goes methodically standardization comes into account and rating happen from person to person company to company, those people are also human they also tend to do mistake and they also consider 5 % into account, different audit of different people on different parameters happen and they also thinks why we face the same management issuse on every audit and spl in rating,few standarization authorities took a measures and made new system and done an year long audit on diiferent point of view of people theories also took into consideartion and gave them rating ,its great to know every job taken into
consideration and contribution it makes to society and welfare of human life and age old jinx sloved or not.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Awards and Rewards and prize

Every nice gesture should be rewarded with he right award, almost every sector is recognized or rather should be recognized. sports,education,acting,drama,science,vehicle etc etc..some have very good recognized award on the field, in studies and research Nobel award is epitome of invention and studies,Nobel peace prize is the award for making peace and harmony in life of people and nation, some don't mean it they think peace prize should not be given instead its should be treated as "Galactic award".
  Oscar award have great prize for movie people.they dream for it night and day,some even sleep with them ,lie Mr .Titanic director and many others.
Nation give the highest award to the person who did eminent contribution and made the nation proud,forces have their own awards like war and battle etc..,fauji says award is good recognition makes you feel happy but "where is the reward of it".

Friday, March 28, 2014


When sun shine its red,orange, pink,purple and very few knows its green also so morning basic are primary color its debateable, and evening sunset color grey,black,drk shade and night color as pink dark pink sky pink well that pure friction. but few fashion house are firm beleiver of it ,japan run an experiment to know the basic color of light they found an spectrum of light and use to store the particles.many fashion lover know optimum cut stitch is worth a show stopper ,wthere models looks matteror not emotion matters a not fashion cut should be there on ramp ,bcous thats make the lsting impression on the people mind,people know you from brands and color you wear and if you give smile and the look it mighttouch someone very deepand might recall others of there fav people or even celeb.every trade have different clothing and offcourse it has to be,as said when wore a bandana you should go to formal party people dislikes you but they release in course of time it has a meaning,offcourse just show off people could be easily understood with the skill people says it as body gesture. very nice dialogue fashion freak and lovers are the simple dressed person but who live with it days in and out are mc-square people means they can change the fashion and make a statesment that not even fashion designer or market leader fashion house could do.on sad not people trends to go miles to become mc-square or made to by fighting lions etc etc...

Eye Contact

 eye speaks million words, zillion stories with just a contact of eye u could guess the future; i was very keen in making eye contact with girls and dogs, well some understand some don't who understand the eye conctact i see them every now and then and felt happy, spl in arab world wher ladies in buraq have only eye contact with any body in public place, oncei was travelling in bus i sat near to a lady in buraq we speak a while then while stop came we had a eye contact its very strange the way she speask and attitude where not reflected in her eye as if she was telling me you won't get money till penny drop.i was stange i studied few books asked a few people but she told the truth i didn't have money charm. and i engrosed my self to studies in varied aspect

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Feeling saying.

Feel the love smell the perfume

Fragance for flower darling for perfume.

Perfumes for body picaso for twlight saga

Feel the coffee taste the tea

Tea for growth caffene for delight

Delight the grass dew drop for pettles

Pettles of flower butterflies for root

live the feel come back to go

First feel is first serve last thought never felt

Thoughts have wonderful feeling stop a while see other coming

Child feel passerby and said the person to reciprocate.

Thanks is a gesture to reciprocate.

Never say feel by rather said felt it.

Give dew drop to people of love and they feel late in night

Thoughts jumble upon given upon one felt live upon.

Feel many thing do what felt last deep in sleep.

Have a shower in night feel the bubble tub soap!

Felt place have last to go maybe tommrow you are no more.

Every deep sense should humourly subjected.

Anger temper are percious pls have mind to decide.

Eye contact back strap what to do live last a spit second

Money Money Money.

as of now this is five letter word,this i got as a essay competion for unseco,i don't remember what i wrote but it was like money is not honey for some its might be bed for some and honey for others and ufo for many ,we should respect our country and money we get  got 35 rs as i played cricket with other school that time 35 rs means a great meal a great cloths a great hotwheel car, i spend 25 rs for hotwheel car 10 rs for a pen. i lost both the things latter but the time i spend with those was amazing i played quite a lot with small hotwheel car and write for two year with that pen. latter when i grew up i bought 100 cars a set of hotwheel and 100 pen and kept few and distributed that to orphan and nemisis was have value for some, its means a number for some, its mean a paper for some ,a dream come true for some ,its form of art for some its pat on back,for some its last legacy ,for some its a story to tell ,for some it means new horizon ,for some its means a token amount. This currency note for banker and professional note for writer.if you haven't got bored yet try to make your own money and print it,it makes you smile for no sooner than cry.

Spit a second

Once when i was in scouts and guide i rank first in map reading and as a gesture attached to few people in a jungle  with a few commandos and few highly skilled dogs for a jungle map competiton,map was 7 pointer north and 3 pointer east with cyclone and rain warning and have to catch a para troppers as a task, we grouped in 3 and 5 dogs as i was young i carry two dog and a map and my point of contact was kali ka patthar with map and sky reading and birds songs i reached a kali ka patthar spot and waiting for a wristle sound,a site was quite a few minutes i faced a para tropper and he spit on me i was amazed to see him and in fraction of second my two dogs attacked him and in spit of second he was injured and admited to hospital ward after few sec i face few more para troppers and it was my turn to take action i stole the map from their hand and ran to second spot as they carry some nonsense thing with them they follow me and on skybreak my few fellow commandos accompained me with other nonsens thing and we trapped them but we didn't reached the desired spot and lose the map reading competition and we left with few stone and water we drunk the water got those stone to dabad and went to take break change our dress and to our suprise other teams member lost the first skyfall break so they where eliminated and transfered to their squadon without meal for 16 somwar !.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trip worth a Photo

Movie General-daughter,American-beauty,Sleeping-beauty and Somewhere

rather it should be general daughter sleep ..somewhere!
It Was way back college days i saw movies general daughter and american beauty and recently sleeping beautyboth have feel of it own i find are related to each other, in one movie brigardier make a contract to be genral with nobel god people and her daughter take revenge and make him feel the nitty gretty of fauji life and people think about them and waht make them belief the world saver and super power and techinical way ahead of human race,

 In other movie a business person make its family happy and firm believer of FAMILY concept as he think for a second and pause for a minute about the thing he is doing as he gets holy signal from its near and dear one and on one minute before commiting mistake he kills the young girl father who was evoked by her father to do a pleasunt gesture for business purposal,later he adopt them and the title came tipical american family.

 In the third movie sleeping beauty about a girls who is firm believer of second life she was approached by a model search agency and was directed to sleep naked with old age fellow and guided to not been touched or bear holly pain. one sentensed touched me was "after 30 businesslife fellow is lonesome and they are ment to be made angrosed into business dealing in a peculiar way that make there life point of no desire" and they want to fulfill there last dsire agency helps them and they givethem tea and ask them to sleep and the girl takes the pain from them and become devil advocate for them in a course of tea break and one fine day a person reached a second life and he wake up an open a window as guided and he saw himself as a lady darling and he start begin its second life and take away the all the pain of his second life in his old age. as its tipical business life.

 movie maker tries to influence every body desire fullfill and that makes the things go wrong,for sake of money making they influence people mak swrill go worse with ne release and no sooner than latter they will lead a third life with lots of money and glory and buiness prospects but not a peceful life they will miss either script or a dialgoue which they are doing and have a house full of awards and inteelectual thinker story book release. they should also see the movie which are made on them.

Once a Train

Once while coming back from guwahati,from train dadar guwahati, i came across strange things i met 3 of my friends ram,sanjay and ganesh it was tota suprise, we met at a stration as i was travelling in first class i adviced them to change their seat from second class to first class as all the cabins are empty,they manage to do and sat in first class cabin.we discuss
every thing from first yr in college to chandigarh to bordo to copper and to perfume,one of the friend is perfume dealer in north east one of them was motor part dealers and one was dairy product dealer and one of them was Cap dealer wild guess don't think much it was total suprise
when we know about each other business.

 as we reach middle of jungle our train stop and few bad peoples where on board,we met them talk with them share ideas and foods but they where under constant pressure to take away few things with people on other boggie,we said enough to them and leave us with a smile on there face. then on second break few army people on board we had fun we exchange ideas and they talk lot about big boat flown acroos them during evening and late night we treat as pleasure and they gave commando knief for security as thet said we kept that thing and we startedcutting mango with them it was much sharb then accpected and they say they will come back and take it. then the station came army station thet rush into boggies witharms and check every body bag and baggages they asked us the knief thing we said as directed and they say  be safe and make sure to hand it back to station maser and we requested them can we keep it ,they say u will get it in kind market. after few minutes train got stoppage point and track was broken so we had barbque for 6 hours in nearby village alltrain passanger had a hault we share food mix with locale people had a good time suddenly we came to know two of train bogie was missing its strange s3 s7 was not there as its belong to arms forces we think a while search a while reported to command and njoyed our meal, then one of the boggie caught fire as it village near by we involved all bhiar peoples out there and got hold of fire. we planned theother way out we hire few taxis and busses get get to next station which was lucknow off track but safe.we get a train as all passenger where offboard. and reached nasik and get to pune and rached ourhome safely n sound and we give our knife to army personal as directed ,after a year or so we came to know it was Save Tiger project.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Over Exaggerated Abberviations

Its perception

Science: for some its means

:Scientist with scifi knowledge.
Over excess of upper side Grey matter people
Social aspect of daily routine work
Research of earlier work copied and carry forward with grace project.
Research of somethings which make nature go wild.
Some out of box thing but should be understandable.
Social boycott of people with having very basic knowledge which keep other faith upside down.
Finding Extra Territory people no matters its few yard away.!
Star war hero.
Some fiction theories which people belief but not easily digestive.
Slap on face if you find some unusual place for near or far dear one.
Basketball theories for poor people but intellectual.
Steal and nonsense curve drawing.
Money counting machine maker with some basic commerce knowledge
"Sci-with infant dose of essence and fragrance of nu sense of congestion of thoughts which come through hair stem cell of many thought into one brain having and sharing by having tea and food and gesture like dancer with twisted leg n writing on air sometime emotional with emotoicon like behaviour some time off beat and half node song but make sense at night dinner".

Some talks the walk on sunday ,have a icecream on wednesday waiting for friend on saturday and between come friday to think about next meeting on monday life a just a calendar on tuesday await time for thusday cut the hand on weekend and think if he is intellect : "Scientist yaar"

Life struck to one job far away from home go away with friends to study and have a gala time suddenly make girlfriend sweet talk mama bot land acquisition isolation banker by people tv antena for nation brother dj and all bro friends live somewhere for small appraisal friend have coco feels when the ring goes tring tring : "Student Yaar"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Short end story

Company boss say good morning and employee say same to you.

Employee say hello to boss and boss say have a nice meal

Boss made directors meeting and directors say let me take a pill

Boss to MD how are you and MD say i have xray problem or sorry vision problem.

MD to president sir have a water pls and President say spoon are not properly placed

Board Meeting 12 directors say let me check my doctor Appointment.

Peon say boss is not presence boss say cabin have no file

Boss says i wanted t change my cabin and call center pls left for last show movie

Some Twist and Turn

Half  past one past one half two part.

Half past five pass two left.

Two past half leg middle thing no past

Two past one half .. half half leg

Two half never one heart.

Netizen hold art fashion show stop not
Worthing men show stop congrats for low bot.

Media run worth not simple talk worth lot
quality thing stops one news have to stop all

Kick light bulb fuse
Shadow demon light tube.

No job think lot all half strong note
numeric is add to glory further stop worth last stop
Worth a call last emil post end to last customer turn

No adds worth 100 rs left if customer
Don't pay worth rejection
Seven habit one bet last stop worth tea intervation
one ride a conclusion student free for introgation

Think puppet lots stroke so many water mud
no hope last drop sun stroke or leave your boat

Writer letter don't stop book publish no hope
telling lie no soap find treasure is one stroke

Acting story non stop pain agony AC hope
Dubai Bridge last drop 1317 Isotope

Music Agony many topic sunflower no hoping
Flower seed well seedling no stoping

Ride left in jungle trail well have to do well
if you left one cadets have to rest

It is sea arc is blink many night
last is sea sony is not a TV its myth
Its Walk Free

Sitting Last time is not a game last Minute
Baught its lost a trail

Chamber have common code
Either the emma love or you are the Bot

when moon on rise and you see stars
no where to go agar tum ho saath

Army have new name airforce is dream
para marron is near just jump jump
and reach the earth

When hospital runs on van
had to be an ambulance

When the ash burnt and
stitch made make it a mark
on upfront

When currency are evaluated and simple
smile with tongue twist DDLA FLF Cake all get away

Student like ice cream,its pour honey
dew smooth on rainbow rip heaven getting lick

Artist design hand shake you like the color
ad not the glory dress always have stories

When Quality is poor sky is waiting
and standard is rating
 ride a horse togetherness is waiting

Name - Nav -Nim etc....

Its always said you shoud have a Name to represent anything,else your are digit fellow
Name in different language  have different meaning,Its said American speak very good marathi
and they treat that a business language, each of marathi words have 7 meaning and by the time normal marathi manus know he only knows 7 words ,
eg "tuja nav kay aahe re pora"
in hindi it means "aapka kya naam hain",
urdu it means janab aapka naam ka sher kaun sa hain"
in simple english its translate to "which boat regime you belongs to"

 and typography and the stanza with which its write adds to the glory of confusion,
Its said editors have to know sentence breaking job and not writers,they have to rite the way they feel without punctuation and editors have to craft them to make the title meaning pharse or the subject need to be titled.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


One proper heart felt feeling raga can connect to yur master to ur loard to ur fellow beign .Raga,tune,note, node all parts of music or song ,well as far as i know raga means sur and there are not only seven sur like sa re ga ma ....,peoples says every note have a node and those so called basic sur are need to be explore.
like err err ruhh pru...
chika chika chu..ruh...
aaoo eaa era erku rah ruh.....
 i called these note as orkut note.
 well my knowledge is not so much it needs to be explore

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Color - Colour

Its the same deference between Me n I,
I belief in spectrum of life, color play vary vital role in our ecosystem

people belief in god showers upon them by giving them some range of natural light and they feel we can only get blessing by divine colour light,they belief all 12 month of year,god presence could be felt

blind people feel this very often and they have particular theory about colour
they says when there eye get open they wanted to see copper coin in yellow colour-color.
They believe leafs have blue in colour-color.
Grey colour-color is of human body and tiger furr is badge in shade.

there are infinite colour in our world and few color outside in space
i believe in only dusk and dawn sky color.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Once Happens an Audit

Once when i left china office on last 13 days audit happens,it was fun they check everything from inside out from inner feeling to outspokeness from genereal awareness to optical optudeness. we came to suprise they check our audits on following spectrum, and audit happens on regular basis but in disguise though.

Following are there Audit basic list.
Lab Regism
17 Law
Gemalaogy World
Scientific block
Numeric Lock
Crystal Rule
Studies Stop
Brain Block
Gender Block
Ratios Stop
Filthy Stop Rich
Long Live
Finger Cross
Cucumber Take
Long Isolation
Eat Block/No note

Sunday, March 16, 2014

IF, Else, But loop

If you are computer literate u must know if conditions if else conditions
but its a loop in computer journal.

If conditions have many internal looping problem
   its loop down on every conditions and slow down the memory process
   and in turn slow down the programming and takes time in condition check

If Else is also added to it it break down even further and make the think misery

But if its looped between any loop its improve the conditions on even looping number
    and duplicate and increased time in odds number

But why this kolavari Di?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spritual Tree

As saying said gautum bodh lives in every century a child life .
now days people belief you an see him below barghad ka pedh.
just a small glim of him/her makes you life spiritually fulfilled

 According to him life have different spiritual stage to get into new happy life

Vyom rajaya
Nam-man verajaya

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brain Teaser Pharse

1)  Ask you 3 question i give you 5 marks,
     1 for master
     2 for your thought,1/2 for soul you carry
     11/2 for your knowledge upto mark

2)  I am better to last long
     not best to remain and
     good for lord who save

3) Raw is vegetable served
    in bowl not a agency
   door to look upon

4) Melon are best served
    cut a triangle to make
   your own Halloween

5) Rain are cool and
     humid air are warm

Some Liner

Saturday for freeworld,sunday for giver,ice cream for melt,give the creditors

Lane to cut loose tire to burn throat gold for worth add world welcome.

Better last long best remain toilet clean paper away

Army takes pride wars made piano in jungle pink color is favorite

Phne ring singer sing people spit they are no more

Travel bag the message come its you upon you or its natural bell

Ini is land of desire its movie background people say titanic didn't break

Treasure is hunt ford are not build copper still pracious tiger stil live

Ram is not last word

Republic is stero nation

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some One Line

1) Marriage have blue moon have two glory have to peuru story have nobel prize.
2) Money has to grow story has to be seen loud is mouth nose not bleed
3) Elephant is on board yellow frame is white orange tiger eat the sallow nightgale.
4) Mafia runs motorcycle pop talk your tounge clean the seat and wipe it the sunburn.
5) Danger on dragon run tiger the claw burn sweep the dust its cow dunk.
6) Road the highway danger of subway quick heal is never a gain

Some One Liner

1) Virtualization perplization visualization actualization.
2) Mental block think pattern lock eye stock heart stroke.
3) Eye caught mind thought tounge catch lips swell nect thirst.
4) Actualization realization proclaim release caught
5) Sleep thought mind block moon walk deep thought kill stock
6)Virtualization thought provocation alignment happy nation next generation.
7) Emotions caught eye thought change neck block caught not big block
8) Cat emotion alienation actualization regism change no good luck try again.
9) Earth rotation big theory notion kill child emotion steal the quatation medalnation.
10) Sleep happy pour some coffee tea garden snapy happy loard never say god bye again.
11) Champagne glass long country yard sleepy thoughts happy moon and long live honeymoon.
12) we are friends caught wednesday depart saturday stary gaze child sweet talk if no shame come again
     to happy end slave.
13) Tiger threat big nation change 10 is no change try call again slavery boost cut the throat.
14) No thought happy note caught provoke stealy note stick yard car wash.
15) Cake on birthday nice of thusday tour on tuesday happy festive day never see again.
16) Cycle onroad road on rail travel on board walk the sky.
17) Small is talk walk the walk talk the walk not egg york
18) Cut the look talk to fool fool the rainbow boy you are not married
19) Cream on top ice on berg purse of wallet wallet on top
20) Lemon of grass 41 full stop 99 not go its pain ray is ban no other side
21) Stitch the delegate cut the ic cake lemon grass ginger yola yola
22) Cap have cut demon upfront demo on pathway luv on sideway
23) Kick the cafe change the god luv the wood on the bench talk
24) Success has ends story have tail journey beign but have diverse end
25) Life is leaf celeb have leads bussiness have cred sun still shine yellow

Thursday, March 6, 2014

NasikVia Ambala 16

Nasik means godavari city of river,brnig hanuman temple and very ritual person city.Ambala city of lake ,i was birth mitary hospital people says when i was 1 month old there were festival season of vintage cars and they had a stop near our house.i have stuidied Kg in nasik its a minting place.All indian money is printed there and my school time two painting lyied there i feel so proud now that minting factory have a painting of mine,latter i came to know they burned it and only part could be saved as minting factory caught fire and they wanted to give m their burnt coin as token.
 latter nasik and ambala minting press shifted to pakistan and they have no work so they left with sketching and painting once their necessity became their hobby and now their passion

Akola -lakhla - Vasim 19

 Akola means work and passion of work you just name the job they have wrkforce ready from Audit to election duty,from police duty to tea of tapri from machis ke dibeya to flyover ki tikiya from farsan bhaji to sev chapati from aloo baigan to bagian pakkoda from morning paper to street begger cloths.
  They are found of arts ad art lover they admire god a lot but into reality and totality they could break mandi if ayppa hand is not twisted rite.
 there main business is oil and from groundnut to onion from nimbori to kank dulari from apta leaves to petal street

Delhi - Pathakot - Jammu in 7 K

Delhi the olive city, full of velor, full of siyappa and kanaught place,palika bazar dome theater,lajpat nagar,gaziabad and many more all connected to one street 10 janpath.
  Pathankot, Gurudaspur and Jammu are all seller of warm cloths,luxary hotels street food,tang galiya to pannipuri,dhai bhale to reshmi kabaab but jammu is city of fruits and dry fruits as they pleased ma durga so they don't take the direct onion ad lahsun forgot the smell of non-veg .there don't dare ask them they could kill you for no reason.
  There main business is making boats in a bottles ad elephant marvel three layered,without cutting a single scratch.

Shirdi via Nagar of Nizam

Shirdi comes into mind after or before Sai baba well every-bodies sa Shirdi via Nagar bypass.its only tiily darshan that matters in shirdi.i went many times since childhood.but what comes to my mind was my first visit.We went in train Maharashtra Express as reservation not confirmed we adjust ourself and sleep on floor and reached safely and attended morning Aarti. it was Thursday and its spl we Rome around whole day took prasad had fun and in one shop ,he gave me and my friends vikaram small toy its was water basketball,we try to-pay him money but he say if-you could feed dog of this money ,i will be more than happy.We didn't mind and collected 50 dogs around and gave them biscuits and gave two hundred Rs to seller ad told him dog feed is our hobby and seller money its not our duty.
  We came back and we dispersed to our home,i wake up its evening time to my surprise i thought its morning,we played a lot till sun-drop and asked everybody whats the time only  one answer came 9 past 45 and 3 past 95.this is army code decode it and we come t know its blue-moon day and exact time was sun-drop means epsilon delta.
 This came to my mind we bought here all the sales person from shirdi and they wants sales demand ratios and that is 13:40/36:60:60:104354.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GOA 23

Goa city of joy or paradise of states.I visited goa in all four seasons Cycle Race,Car Race,Boat Race and Bike Race
they call them jai hanuman,jai Durga,Jai Ganesh,and Jai Kali.
They are very religious fellow they believe in all gods and follow the religious they wear Special dress in all 12 mnts this time s Lungi with Goan Tshirt,Tshirt have specialresemblance there.They Praise football a lot ad have a ane on each club name.this time they renamed Kali lane we know in general nae reebok on IIG leagaue,They did firt time ad its matter of pride for IIG people.
When i went first it was utter summer and cycle race was going on we had sunburn and we participated in that.I came 23 on rental cycle with emiment cycle racer i guess i saw Armstrong there nodoubt he came 17!.then second time was boat race in winter season i didn't participated in that i was njoyng my cycle and playing beach volleyball.then on rainy day it was car race,i become navigator and our team got 13 position and we won Rolyce Rolls car there as i didn't said at home.we handed over to club.and he promised when you came t see kai we handover to you ,lets see what happen nxt time is it rolyce rollse or we win Ducati panigayle for our team and if we come we will steal it from tiger claw.So Goa book the show and prepare the transfer paper.

Chandigarh 23

Chandigarh as name suggest city of Chandi means durga,they have a chandi mandir
across shimla higway and city of garden from rose garden to rock garden and if
that doesn't staisfy your thirst then there is pinjor garden, seven layered garden amazing .
there city is well planned but its difficult to find sector 19,
its happen no planned city have sector 19 .

There sector 17 c is major source of motivation,
very long n very well planned its like half stadium gap between two shopping complex,
very good wild life santuary very ultra taste of food ,new an ultra sports bikes n cars
hip hop kudi te mundaey , all have heavy taste from pencil to shoe polish,
nights club is full of young crowd ,very nice hosipital and hospitalities n if you feel bit dull
then there is saukhna lake to see through and if you feel like doing seva then gurudawra have there doors open
and shadi barat is out of the world emotion,devotion, if you wanna know more have a look at celeb life

Chandigarh real city u will never came across if you don't know computers;
City of IT professionals crowd full of latest gadets, if you are IT freak chandigarh is the place to be in.


Pune city of culture and mecca of sports.down here education is learned through sports way from KG to Enigneering its sprts that matters.
  Cricket,football, table tennis,swimmin,karate,basketball volleyball ,you will find many clubs out here and they played on regular basis,what was suprising was squash is discovered here and they have hidden clubs and they are not proffesional players,but i bet when they face international players they give them money to buy a Kit.i found out ad became member of it its called KpEnd club,well who daon't know will never came to know.
  Here people make new techinque to remove the impurities of the game and play not like regular player do.We say we plays as it should be played.Basic chess shoud have 81 cubes,there should have threehorses,Cricket should have 23.6 foot pitch,we compromise on wicket we think it should have 2 stumps and 1 stump at other end.Football should have 110 mete pole apart...

B'lore 23

Banglore city of gods owned.They are very much into politics and administrations,they are very found of their rituals and prayer,almost all visit temple in morning and prays for their wellbeign,they are included in every dominate fields of in tellect beign police,Information Technologies,Searching myths,Search fort adabve all search god,teir life is very simple and straight but have heavy load in evening it took them 2 hours to reach home.
 They belief in sandalwood and dog training.they have high incliend towards thei tradistional paintings
Ever evening from child to gradparent take their dog for a walk get training from police to handle dogs they getsome clue for sadawood and there ainting with the help of dog network and they go in night for insearch and they never came empty hand.All have different taste of painting from age old to the laest but if they didn't see what they are in search they stay there for a long time and bless god help them ith it shower.

So next time don't leave your dog free BEWARE.

Hyderabad 23

Hyderbad city of old fashion with new nawab, city to die for,city to live for city for teachers and students and all the more city of black comodies they make you "laugh till you drop your shirts up".they are very piculiar of there crafts they are king of delicasies ,city of pan and tahjib, even every peekdan matters and tell milion stories. its sayig ther phele aab ya aap ke baap,their tase of food is very piculiar ,they sip a tea in one sip and u see them drowning in happiness,they love cloths and their chickenkari kurtas, tight jeans with loose salwar kurta ,chunari without duppta, roti with sukha rumali botaa, cimney with smokeless hukka,life like patha pajama kurta,stitch with stabe print nahi dhulta,arre aur bhaut kush hain batain ko whoi waah waah with kukuar muta.ankhen ke button ke chole, panji de achar aur bota kabab.wahi ek charminar chai ki dukkan GRE ke papper jeans ki nazakat service ke naam par wahi adawat.

but no one know its the city of dance loaf from dance ke baap to maa baap, aisa kya nachte yaroo!.

Guwahati 23

Guwahati is blessed and cursed with river Brahmaputra,they know half day for family and half day for work,rain can wait bt can't wait for family half day,b'cous there half day with there family means nice time and relaxation, i m impressed when i first time visited guwahati my train was late 26 hours and when i reached there all buses where locked, called my parents and said i have reached station n will manage to reach the home, i asked many person ,army personal police person even beggar to give me hint to reach at night,then i came to a person called pranjal i never met him before he asked me are you fro pune i aid yes then he asked me do u know  deep bungalow chowk i said yes i ave two good friend of mine there durga and dinesh, i think then he recognized me, he got his pajero and drop me to my home enjoyed  with himwe dicussed many things from gliders to pan shop from video parlor to wine shop from univ circle to police chowk, to my surprised i met my bro in mid way and took him away, at that time its didn't shock me but yes i think he knows my parent well. still i call him "baap kya gadi mari haain "and he replied me its take quarer sec to decide and long drive to understand fastest isn't furious but i guess u live a fast lane.i guess he might have oriinalfast n furious CDs ;)

 latter i came to know guwahati is City of fire crackers to phuljadi,where a wrong dressing could pulls up guns and fadu jeans can bring happiness , this give a call "This is Brazil" FF4 style yaroo.

City Guy to Someone in a year

its a phone ring to reception somebody pick the phone n he got a order would you like to be a director
of MNC 1 million salaries,safe future of child safe spouse n wife but you have to make one life a misery
he says yes,one life could spare so much happiness then why not,well its normal tendency of human, one person die for the betterment of family and if city involve then its like taare zameen par,if he or she is throne away from society by
giving him some excuse and he dies a heoric death then case is dismis and all will live happliy.

  BUT GOd of Loard its for the serial TAMAS but
that one person suffered a lot its not other then ME , Myself and I  / We ,Ourself and Us

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week Diet

We plan our diet according to our body, there are many interesting about diet chart, i have also created diet chart when i was running 15 Km a was like "Aaj Monady hain tu" have a simple diet with more intake of vegetables and fruits , then Tuesday is suppose to be lord "hanuman" days so walk tilll mandir have a wise witnessed for bit more exercise and have relaxed diet. then goes lazy Thursday have heavy diet as its dull day relax with heavy douse of fruits ,then come hurry Friday go out of work early n joy evening and see the dawning sun have a meeting or two then came Saturday go out early to get vegetable com back relax till late have restful coffee and wait for Monday although Sunday
But every weekdays is notlike the usual weekday so have diet plan and play with you days,its fun.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ever Felt the Feel Past

Feel the life
Its not greener other-side
Felt the feel of hawker street
Past the lane of surpass Lane.

Feel comes n goes
we search them through
mild lamp post

When candle night didn't tell the story
We sit across million glory
Food comes n gone
but last bite taste the bud flow

Butterfllies have many flower
it sit across the Felt One.

Name a game changer

Name, nav,nama ,minze , different language but everybody wants a name of almost everything to remember it well,its all started with the letter I ,who are we why I am here whats my name on the wall what should I call myself well man have not so query ,about but the women have to face on regular interval they check there ace now or then sometimes others face to check her or she name.

Since childhood we all might have played Name| Place | Animal | Thing | Fame | Fire..
starting with the"Alphabet-ica" any random last letter or anything, since child we use to play with company name, which company will be place where what animal belongs to which city life and what things might have need by them and when they will be cash cow and when to fire the non profitable accounts.
We did for car company and submit the our play time report, but they thought we are not penny wise, Nevertheless we had a filed experience.

I mastered the MBA in research of this game. "Merc price was 32.5 now its 45.5 few yr latter it will be 55.5 but never 23.5" those who did management know this that time its suppose to be thee car now something else but Merc price won't come to 23.5 !. Nice philosophy think if you want.

Bridge a Cap

Bridge means unconnected the conductor of two Pole.Its nice song "Bombay is bridge Delhi swing New-York a bridge London swing".Japan is a bridge city which connect many person heart when rail passes by every person feel they are safe and sound and connected with the Echo of sound VROOM-- PAUU.....they-wear a Cap of there color and through high in the air when they meet other Is-Landis Japaneses .Down in some part of world people clap in their own peculiar way.Jungle people spit and some through tobacco to respect the others some exchange the eye contacts, some do kiss apart (model watch) .in the sense of presences of other fellow begin.its better depicted in tally series "LOST".About Cap is integral part of many liefs. Rappers change their cap when they saw a better person ,some put down there Shirts out ,some lose the Tie Knot. Military people turn their cap to salutes the seniors .young people tease the military with cap flap upside down,sometime wearing cap on flag raise time make difference.Then came warm cap with different flavors,soft hand woven,old age woven etc..for style and comfort some speak their own story and some have legacy the best one was Gandhi Topi. some wears Plan a huge cap with flap.some close their eyes and put down till nose to let the passerby go.Some have and make fashion statement by cut the Cap just for the style and very personal to someone of there trade.I cut through small bend up-to ear for submarine people.Cricketers,players have respect and color for there traditional players and society it changes through era.saw in some advertisement like "i have 14 cap one for each trade and one to lord hurricane" .Flags do change according to era gone thats very national issue.

Promise to unity or understandability

We all swear to god and keep our promise till we die. But why to promise if the understated statement doesn't understood .Very great saying in ramayana that" let the angels come and demons die".it have different meaning in different rituals and when they promise that peoples call all the Vedas and make sure it serve.But those people know they could live happy until promise get broken so they arranged another 108 promise on the go so that they live better life and their family live the life of kings without suffering those people don't know Rama live for some 10~ -91 sand fall particles on the earth and those era people hold the handful of mud on precise  time and eat it and live life of god of Rama disciple and they still bears the fruits of solitude those era comes n gone those soul never apart.Those were only 108 last served by earth and waiting for Rama to come again,They grew and they become we.We should not became then.God gave brain to think subconscious to decide,think like child and do eldel-wise.Through age rituals language manipulated like"is it to neither nor if but to otherwise strong".those priest still serve the RITE and god only can provide them the Rite Script.


Its god think and not so good thing,the shoulder develope fast foot test the sand stroke,eye blink the yellow sorrow.Age become Ape world but still gallilio can't find one.Sar struck the rain dew and water still not served is becoming the gateway of burnt soul says.Emotional not kept well is all start till 31 The age not set for family gain we think we might sit in the runway.Our peoples go the highway and we still set ourself in Norway. diplomatic twist and turn its like AC in the snowy sun.level of sea you can't find one.Alone sitting chair for rest upon and felt warm ones.Tommorow seems so near but mirage of clock is difficult one.Came moon we see one and think we all have to serve the pink cloud still some one.pebbles byte the crab and we still lying in the hammock for some dreamy one.Mountain comes n gone sorrow of river never burden one.Long live the response of ability to another one.We do and think and do the duty for some one and if in response come we bless to the dawning sun."Overseas over past come-cloud take my past"

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some Interesting A_bout Cricket n football


 is always on the ratios
3 q s f k l  2 3 l t 25
4 h m t 2 6 t m c k 9
Skill- 9 K L TM ( C 9) 8 K T M

Q- means left side curl
S - Right side Douche
F - Head short curl
L- long short straight
K- tribling douche curl (adda).


In swing for cut
Out swing for straight drive
Bouncer fo long on
Silly ball for defence
No ball to chane the Partner

Umpire to look for forgiving and leg umpire for decisions
Now days third umpire also play the "Vital" role n statistics.
Spectrator to decide the demon in angel soul


Well don't struck your mind to 29 feb! Everybody admire 29 feb born child its like every college goers like supersonic car but heart felt to classic, they might surpass wall-street but never the school topics they might have sat on cosy couch but still school bench is their /school life is best shaped up in these days each have their goal set with ups n down of life walk,many peoples influence come to our mind and thoughts from period bell to teacher's walk to morning prayer to bird talk from " Temple parsad to River Path" river theories rules the subway path, it is said we as human have 28 days of persona life thats why Feb have vacation and March have Boards.It is said life have only 10th class , for fear of board 10 some states have 3 pre-boards, English last for 70 marks, Hindi for 30 marks,Social studies takes the major part 90-100 is still first class,left maths to Cow and Science takes Bull Horn.Intellegence fail when class change.Projects have to reciprocate,Cultural activities last on Footpath,if that doesn't help their is always bench marks ,if students fails then change the sates or ring  the bell blame the cow and not the brains.School parents meeting always last till mid path.none takes the opportunity to hawk street ,if fail "grass is always green and donkey wakes to the morning street".

Saturday, March 1, 2014

World Apart a War

We all know war creates havoc not only to forces but also to peoples mind,lands become barren and bared,body shaken soul apart,misery seems world apart.Earth might have faced many wars and heard about.We in our books learned 3 or 5 war theories,first heard war heroes Hitler,Mussolini,Rasputin and madame M and many nick names like salt water sugar peppers bun cakes leopard snake,small battles lead to apart confusion of child behaviour all know bcous of nuck or not so chemicals all wants to safe their tertiaries and wants to do betterment of their nation, some back out the country some safes the lord some excange the child to safe their family blood to progress in another nation and grew not like they used to.some says the quest is always to reach the sun and battles to trade off the world,"war we won battle no need",that a bit diplomatic term then cold war started like who is who,what is where, ear is not dear ,painting have feelings,colors speak thier stories,language is disguise,vulture is real wild,and power of attorney,well attorney power is age old from grands to grew boy,from beloved ones to martin Angelo songs,names are not what they say,coins are not that made, no house have similar-lane,future the perfect let past go the joint and food take back lane,salt to sallow sugar to be sweet lime,currency to revalue campaniles take away,fashion to rest and cloths to wear we slowly forgot the tag it bears,aint's this the regular war of thoughts that we face.i think we should kill the thought of provoke and praise the rising sun and cut the guilt of dusky cloud .let attorney be generated and wealth stays


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