Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Play of sentiments 26/11

As we get accustomed to Serial Blasts happening taking place in different cities across India, and the usual condemns by the government and the role media plays in scrutinize those acts, but what happened on 26/11 is totally unpredictable. Some young spoiled brats came from sea route in the group of 10-12 and created mayhem across southern part of Mumbai, they have targeted our prestigious Taj, Oberoi Trident, Nariman House, Cama Hospital, CST railway station, Juhu Chowpati with free flow of bullets from AK-47 and hand grenades and also planted three bombs across the Taj hotel with eight kg of RDX with the clear intension to repeat 9/11 by demolishing the Taj hotel and creating havoc across the world
It took nearly 4 days to clear Taj, Nariman House and Oberoi Trident as the terrorists had taken hundreds of hostages. During these days, nearly 200 innocent people were killed by the terrorists. In this horrifying and shameful act, we have lost many businessmen, ordinary citizens, NSG soldiers, a few brave ATS top officials and policemen who fought with .303 rifles.
After such a horrifying incident, as a common citizen of India what do we expect from government is strict action against our neighboring country, but instead of any effective action what we heard from our egoistic and self-serving politicians are following irresponsible comments:
Kerala CM (Achuthanandan): "If it had not been (Major) Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have glanced that way."
India HM (Shivraj Patil): "Before I could reach there, the terrorists who had attacked one of the hospitals, the Cama Hospital, had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left."
Maharastra HM (RR Patil): "Itne bade shahar me ekhada hadsa ho jata hai" (An untoward incident like this can happen in such a big city like Mumbai).”
Maharastra CM (Vilasrao Deshmukh): No comments on probe till operation is complete.
After quoting those words in public the maximum measure Indian government took was asking for resignation and asking some of them for apologies but no action is taken against LeT which is responsible for these terror attacks.
Indian government has asked for the ISI chief to meet which the Pak government denied, after which the Indian government gave a list of terrorists to hand over. Pak’s response was: “Pakistan will not hand over terror suspects”.And adding to chaos, our Minister for External Affairs said, “We won’t take any military action against them,” which latter on was denied by a government official.
With election round the corner, present Indian government is speechless on what to say and what to do, while every other party wants to take opportunity to play this card and Play with sentiments.

following are few people with their emotion shown on banner who gathered near Taj on 3 dec.


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