Friday, February 28, 2014

Cricket school /college

Cricket is most loved sports in the Asiatic world, its natural choice for sports for me, since schooldays use to played cricket  next to my home, ground is always booked for us at-least for to hours, i played with different teams "Gali , Ground, School,Seniors, Ranji  and nationals players"
 sometimes use to get call from clubs for practice session n use to do bowling for 10 overs, its was fun. The best game ever was FC vs Wadia, we gave them practice and when we started playing on ground it was totally a different ball game, while doing fielding ball struck me n i sat out of stadium and made many wadian friends some very good, then after recovery i got chance to ball a i got 3 wickets and thats to bowled with stumps brooked. then our turn came to bat and miracles happens rains, dust, shadows  n on very heavy heart we have to abandoned the match due to bad weather. then we played with various colleges on various ground, also with medical college its was fun i put-down 6 sixes n 6 wickets and we draw the one day match
sometimes i feel we saw almost all stars player style of cricket n we find our self pleased with the blessing the shower upon us in any-form of kind n rewards.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 visit China

After having 54 days i went to china again hopes r high, expectation are high feel is good but the visit last for 13 hardcore days, the worst you could imaging i thing the TIME was not right but i saw the real china the real god like peoples the devils the angels the faeries, kings n all i thing i was in medieval era. its saying in Chinese proverbs that
"1 visit see the heart 2 visit see the lungs 3 visit plz don't come" its like che,cheze,china

well those 13 days each day has glory of it own if you laugh on one episode you cry on second incident and blush on third event and your work complete with die-hard note.the most courageous event was there parade you just can't imaging the way they do extravaganza enthuse velor and vela humm.
while coming back  i lost everything that i took from there ,my luggage n left with few chinese currency
how i came back is still a dreams to me ,well 3 time don't go.

for a change link:NASA Link  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Interview Session

Well after completing your studies first thing strike was to find a decent and job satisfaction job during that time payment is not the issue only thing matters was getting good job and decent company which could take our employee graph to higher starts with job search on Internet,newspaper,consulting companies and if that doesn't help then "friends list keep on increasing and decreasing". i started giving interviews after coming back from china almost all IT and non IT companies took my interviews and all lasted for at least a hour ,sometimes i solve their issue in no times sometimes i got struck while solving their problems and it seems not good to get money to solve their there issues and live it with for few days as if i was not their employee and their is no legal bounding as such after that they took me from granted and i came to know someone else taking money on my behalf for me to solve problems and problems seems to big bigger biggest then on one fine days i caught that fellow and requested him to STOP the nonsense, but it seems its not got into his head and i still facing the same issues and they take it as good gestures, but it took me long time after getting my job after returning back, i learned many things during interviews from architecture of buildings to
robotic arms,car sketching,small business enterprises issues,shipping industries,police file handling, and no wonders they list he was handling.well its tough to get job in this scenario.then i got break in teaching in school, banking sector, media sectors, quality sectors, pharmacy sectors and government sector. Its fun if we get paid for solving the issue company facing in an interview. then its seems to be time saving and burden is not much and would be fun.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Post Graduation life

After completing my MBA i started searching for job and slowly as time passes by i started my own IT company and manage to register it ,its also came in top 100 promising company but i never get a chance to saw in media print only heard from mouth of people, i use to make softwares and do the presentation in near by places,once i got a opportunity to give demo of banking software in front of 30- 40 peoples it was good sometimes i feel like i am giving Microsoft like demo it was god but didn't get success after few years i joined a company and went to china for 50- 60 days again i had opportunity to take part in Sino-Inidia summit and had a chance to represent Indian IT company it lasted for 3 days we had great talk with Chinese counterpart had few bagful of promises and few projects for company, we stayed there in shouguang near weifang kite city and great time there enjoyed snow and lots of food varieties,met eminent leaders and i manage to meet all 17 gov leaders by taking reference of various business man and i say its not atall easy even to see them in public,it was nice experience met them had a small discussion and a tea meeting, the peoples in china in the company where very nice they learn hindi marathi and we also learned Chinese and used to sing Chinese song in morning when we enter the company and they use to sing hindi song,we use to gather in morning breakfast sometimes our campus and sometime there campus.we visited many places in china Beijing ,Dalian, Zibo..,

NDA School

During our schooling we use to take part in curricular activities,i choose cricket and karates and for time begin Scouts n guides, we also had all india scouts n guide competition in our school and we use to do night patroling and sleep for long druing morning i didn't took much part in that i just took part in essay competition and our school won some prize in that and we use to get prize in jungle tracking and navigations. in karate we had evening batch i use to practice only Kata and not fight and got pink belt and had a inter school competitions our school got best  Kata prize and had tough time in bought  few got good scars in heart not in body though. evening time we had a small group we use to go to movies in campus for 25 paise a children show and have good time there prompting  shouting and throwing popcorn and then i came to know about infatuation humm nice feeling though but story has beginning and ends it ends with posting as all arms forces depart from there 3 year tenure. that the worst part of beign in armed forces as a civilians we used to get good long stay in NDA. our group during that time use to go for loong morning walk with our dogs and we use to walk for around 10 KM,in jungles we used to go to chandmari a small cliff but we didn't concequr it. our dogs was the best he used to make horses in equestrian for a long run and usually get stick from master but every other days horse has even bigger long run.we used to pluck a mangoes from jungle local jungle fruits and there are people who make our mistake into nice things and we appreciates them,we used to have a weekend cricket match for 10 rs prize to 500 rs prize and our team usually mingle with bigger team of college goers and use to win matches,i use to play evening with season ball and five player and concentrate on balling and felt really happy after broking stums.

NDA Tour

During Class 8 i get a opputuretunity to visit bombay with clasement and cadets its was a month long tour where cadets go to thier routine scheduled tenure and we  use to get our scheduled  we stayed at WNC mess in colaba near navi nagar its was just fantastic ocean view tall buildings classy peoples and very generous crowd we visited almost all place in mumbai we saw movie shooting met stars and celebs,theater peoples. we had a crash course of fine arts in JJ school of arts for a weak we understood fine tune of arts only thing struck me was sculpture its very difficult for me i could not control the stroke of and usually use to break the stone.we also visted in food and craft institute of hospitality near VT its was real fun we got chance to sit across panel to take interview, we are advices to keep gesture properly and speak very few words and we kept our promise we recruite 10 cooks for NDA mess.and also few professor in various genre of NDa course of course there where top panel,we also get a chance to visit Dockyard and we went to saw vikrant and virat and K9 ship ,but its not my kind of taste cabin where small and very much messy thing only thing i like was a basement where they use to keep their helicopters and that too 10 with water surrounding ,we where suprised how come water enter ship and they explain us basment is suppose to be filled with water it help ship in sailing. we also saw war ship ,loaded with weapon its was fantastic.the best part was fort road during evenin we use tolisten to radio and sing along yaaali yaaali yaaali and we came back after spending wonderful time people still call us with the name alibaba chali chor.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

NDA Life 2

After 4 class things tends to changes new foreign delegates use to come in NDA sometimes they visited our school and have a talk or two , i still remember Indria Gandhi ,Gyani Jail Singh, And Queen Elizabeth came to attend NDA passing out parade and we used to go for that parade and we used to get a chance having a morning breakfast with them and use had a small talk with delegates n we use to get very happy for few days and use to feel proud when we came to know and saw them on TV that they are world leaders, once i remember few persons from queen regime visited our school n they use to take our sketch and give us pen and small toy cars as gifts n we use to persevere it and use to take our interviews (lately we came across the terminology) its fun ,but as students our primary jobs is to do well in studies ,even after studying very hard we didn't get very good marks we expect 85-90 n we use to get 50-60 well its same case till post graduations ,During MBA i use to know its same case every where in pune nothing usual, well during my tenth class i studied MBA crash course, there where very nice girls around NDA but those days Cricket ,football, cadets studies and extra curricular activities took the front stage these even my parents not known ,we use to get driving training also and that to xtreme dare devil kinda combinations.some ppls says they even saw us doing product marketing ,i guess i might not be part of that. well i always go with formation to chk ppls new things n whats new in market and had a level 3 talk with so called officers not in uniforms though. it was fun

NDA Life 1

I have done my schooling from KV NDA Western part of Maharashtra ,near Bombay .its very prestigious institute of gov of india where young gov officers are made,i think Kendriya Vidayala  manage a very good fix by taking a place in NDA a opening a school ,my parents and grands parent are also paase out of KV so its nothing new for me to attend a school,after doing my kg fromJodhpur and first class from Nasik and range hill i attented KV 2 class atmosphere was fantastic, trees ,jungles, wild animal ,young friendly neighborhood very Too good teachers and head master young arms forces officers n friendly jawans and all the more enthuse young cadets who joins NDA for three year for there graduation. routine class since 4 class but very unusual evenings every now n then i think i m in new place new friends new ground games sometimes i indulgence in army physical training sometimes going to their private cabin and having good meal n using their domian to learn new things during that time i use to like aeronautic engineering, they taught me just summary and i use to see stars and watch peoples gesture n make sketch what ever comes to my mind sometime they understand sometime i just through in dustbin.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Isotope pillars

one of many thought of the day that stuck in mind was "good better best never take it rest till best become good enough",in normal course of life we want the better best but not best good ,in corporate world its called maslow's law demarcated into five stage of life, some says there are only three stage of any better thing that is dog life , bear life and tiger life, we always want to live life king size but we forgot dog life its basic of all and very strong humans could be made by taking dog life into consideration.common Javik life in bit hindu philosophy and its demarcated till lion life. we always perfect our future and always wants second life to begin with. but are we already a having parallel life era.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Understanding love

It always said that love is blind its mere interaction of feeling in different age group and its keep changing time to time.Firstly all the person serve to their history time in adolescence  then start earning they serve future and solitude them so all the nitty gretty of life was thrown up their shoulder to understand the life and indulgence into adolescence and make make future of their subordinate and parent perfect and get settled for the future event during this course of time they have mixed feeling and they want more from life it dependent on which state of mind they are and they would be.there are demons and angels which keep your mind busy some go through some get indulge and some made them to indulge those are called cupid of lord.When eyes can tell the bliss and tears tell the story one has to be friend to understand each other glory and one interaction set the cord the tirings goes into the heart and you miss a heartbeat and connect to your lord more you indulge the more pure thought and you reach the story of unspoken heart when mind is calm and breath is warm you get the cosy comfort in your mind and indulge to get it even heart break the cord.that why love has no language and its speak the unspoken words and its not so called materialistic its deep uprooted up and above to be free from the thoughts and thoughts provoke think happens,journey begin history made and reveled new language of LOVE

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Temple Run

Since childhood water seems to be major source of attraction for me,as damn is near by i use to go there almost everyday in school days it was kinda refershing,we used to have picnic there quite often and also family picnic ,as there is lush greenery even during june july and there used to be wild animal walking down past every now and then,i suddenly stop walking in my college days some time in middle of time i use to walk but it doen't seems that refreshing and use to be a bit of fear inside me,i use do running during sports event occur in pune and around just to feel the sporty spirits live inside me,once in pas Olympic i saw few Emmit runner running there i was surprised how come these people come down here,i used to run with them for a
week time they told me nittygrrety of running event i use to work upon them and reallystart loving running,i used to set 5,10 Km mark for my self and use to push the limit by finishing with sprint of around 100m. then after few days thing start changing inside me. in morning and evening i used to felt even though i am not doing anything i used to get call from them and to my surprised few animals also become part of it and few really wild one also and i used to reconginzed them and also used to call them my name of my dog which i remember,then things change i used to walk instead of jog and the temple murti seems to be changing as if they are made quite frequently and people also used to tell me please stop going to that route its not healthy anymore b'cous some people used to saw holy spirits and few fiction incidents still i use to manage to get long with my dad and i use to feel the same. but my temple run is not yet finished,instead i use to visit different temples here and there to search of something as if its message, hope i used to live with my temple run and get a very nice reward to end my temple run

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Geneva NO 17

Three Past half night intelligence is crime take away the pain of life so be true and just smile the passes by line says all well till dawning light. When thought are many and cold water satisfy its only soul who survive have a dew drop and chill tomorrow is still a bliss if you survive

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nigadu Speech

 when the glases pour with the tea leaf studded white wine its taste sweet n sour but that the perfect blend of sugar people black it ad has to be its not easiy made available in local market people only for those who can able to sallow the grief it too from child hand packaging to get the perfect world of harmony and peace. And they say a perfect goggle can say there sorrow tale to other and child labor could be stopped and allow them to remove demon from the soul to make pure BLACK CLOTH

A jungle trip

when a stranger pases by he saw a dog and show him the path to eat a snail and then snail dies in the shadow of shav passer by so the dog become the lord and he bark on every passer by to take pain and grief from him and then the people start spitting on him to preserve their soul and soon the lord of the ring a strange fellow took the dog away and serve to the holy cow and then cow become the lord and then the lord gone for the toss by giving cow some number n latter its presume that actually lion give the message to enter his kingdom with all nitty gritty of life  to attain the resting peace

Innagural speech for Sino-India submit China Beijing

When the technologies are buddin but still catters the same uses he got overwelmed and choose the latest treand but classic still existe and you revolve to basic every 17 years of advancement if a break is on floor one no need to break the buliding then choose he brick and replace it clockwise so much classes for grades and if timing same leave the brain open to atmosphere and choose what you want to learn.
 when earth is not enough to explore see what beyound stars and open your mind to second the shades of blue skyes and wonder why are we alone in universe and thought struck and collide just walk a mile to see the future run in your mind and then watch your earth and think i want to cee you all !

College Bag trip

The college trip where you go for execration and return with new knowledge of wisdom which you never experienced before ,the team divided by group and united by professors to gain the output to the man and attain the thought provoking memories everlasting ,when you were out you feel many twist and turns some are worth to die for and some are so unique it make everlasting experience on mind and those place calls you again and again,some time sitting in a round and eating in dhaba is cool enough sometimes even the filtered sea water taste sweet ,some time vinegar food take time sometime chili flakes meet sweet-lime

Cross word of para

1 )  when roots goes to the mango of grave of the white
      yellow and throne house where only animal lives
      and eat food that people serve on the berry yard

2)   The singing song the grave yard whistle the
 lady sings the old melodies of the whistle wood
 she the one who never saw the movie of young gun.

3)  To the red orchid of land where strawbereies are plenty
on the roff black bottom in the nightagle sworn hill the
people live and wait for the school bell tring
where people study nature way its called tung da killa re.

4)  Cherry top on the roof top of table free land
   of pine and pineaaple sell not less then 3
   its none other than 'azara' behjan in Bhuj Khalistan

China 54 days alright

I been to china and saw the table where peoples varies with chair but still one table having food in a manner where guest took the central chair and he is the boos beign the guest when new one old days guys come he entertain then so that could solve the delima of table long created by some tiger soul ppls and it still pending long after.i went to the place in shanknum where the hotel pulls me to solve history many did there bit but none is survived with the mind,long after i realize its jungle thing which took the lead and people feel the table didn't exist its the congo lang motherland!

Few un-said speech 1

When restarunt is one and thoughts are many sip a tea and have long breath when you crimmble upon which stream you want just go with the murphy law the empty is for you to have nice thought and reborn ,people do meet location varies table in one chair varies, when you sit near war house table near you.You be dead sure you will get response for sure,feel it steal the thought of aromas near you give them fruit nd bear and tear the tree through ,plant a thought in you mind and right too,you never know when time strike the chord and when you writing is through

Few unSaid Speach

When stewart is one who serves the crowd it take him few thought to go upon he have to cut the things in a way that all the rest and staisfy too. there are few past event some code some life the place called paccino colado where the things happen and ppls dies for the feeling to be in the restroom where the child just through the coffe on stewart just because the passerby say long live the desire and the child say to yours ad she died the cause is unknown the reason is parished the food is collapsed ad the ppls still surving to bare the child fobia

Tried in shake spear English

Georprahy only tree read in present and animal,we do the thing to please soul,safe in history and youand your are deserve the world be money be all best in te miser rest spitted and with history and sky in heaven all basant bcous future in with water on dark let where all lies in best of your say have the called deserve grave hava land you to be some be in with grey land say flown is your Wheaties its land of all


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