Monday, May 26, 2014

The Swing Ratio

there is a ratio analysis to attain a swing,i have faced many swing can't name them though
all in sleep ,u feel u are moving two n fro thats mean swing,people generally demarcate it into religious thing, but i guess its natural body movement that set your state of mind to a position where u light your self and exp it.



8 8328
16 6624
6 2080

avg 4.09708337901

8 342
8 76
8 9
8 19

152 131
10 10 30 10 20
30 18 48
35 65 17 25

Sunday, May 25, 2014


If you ever visited mall or shopping center you will realize that you get spl attention to spl colour depending on your mood;its generalized not specific to odds.

Yellow- When u see yellow color and have blessed feeling,it means you are in mood of buying something else but u stuck to point and change your mind.

Red- When u see red color and feel happy thats means u have just finished a major work, and in search of new beginning new thought new motivation and u keep on in search till u got that loop break.

Pink - When u see pink color and feel happy thats means u are alone and love the peace of whatever you are going through and you have nice feeling for long and generally got break point when u see earth colored.

Green- Many feel green is not a color,well its debatable ,if you see green color and feel happy thats means you are telling lie to yourself and hide something knowingly or unknowingly .

Brown- If u like brown color,it said its difficult for you to wear that,some says it airborne color, u like it and its suits you but others don't like that.

Black - if you like this color and feel happy thats means you are raw, and beginning  a new chapter of life soon.

Blue - If you feel happy thats means you have just surpass a heavy-load of you life or work and need break from routine culture.

Fade-Shade- If you feel happy thats means you are attain a major setback and not want to forget that but wants to live with that.

Gawdy color- f you like and feel happy,this means you are futuristic person have knowledge but u attain from others and also want to give regards to that person but dunno who and how to be thankful

Now days these theories is irrelevant people wear the cloths and color the vehicle as it normal course of life,but those who mind it, are real gem of person and definitely are fashion designer

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Natural Like-ling

Men,boys have natural inklined towards girl women, its so natural and connection is so fast you can't think how its happen first i thought its about the natural habitat that we live in or the aura and persona that we posess and richness or cloths and jewellery,on second thought people know each other with the help of facecut it have not external but iternal the more you clean youself the better iternal facecut you have

Flowers and funna

We at school got enlightenment; we have few animals few plants which are very rare to get and some are very natural we study them the behavior of plants the animals the birds,just walk around in the evening you will find person behavior also changes when one dog or bird come close to them and its affect others behavior also well that general inclined towards animals and plant somehow its prove that human are more or less parts of animal and plant kingdom some get adjusted to surrounding some take hard load to get used to environment, well in more or less you can say people are from highway dense forest ,midway near river, and subway machine world

UT5 Fashion

 We in the school/college/companies made some fashion statement,we used toname them,when fashion change we named it different,we decide the fashion depending on the gods virtue and we used to get the signal of the color and we search around whats that color siginfies and we dress accordingly as some bold statesment should be made arts and commerece peoples take initiatives and some extra bold statesment should be we come over,well thats secert even fashion world people searchig for,this time color is light purple and the god is terex.we feel that with the color theories some people get there brain charge and they tend to remember the things as good exist false also get prey,

Pengunine Mind

 We at school made something known as frequency catcher and thats we called as feel rthym meter,with the help of physics lab assistant anil sir,cca lab Mr Jacob,and we called one person from bombay we called him Chi mumbekar,we are into geting the feel and # code it in numeric form and when input it the machine draws some graph, today thats project is complete when we get to know about our area and seismic activities and wave theory motion from which we get to know the earth soil below is moving and getting eroded and soon there will be ocean approaching,we extended that further and made many images with color ,pen,pencil and paint,somehow people made the similar machine and make ill theories,well no hard feeling for them ,but the people don't know the hash coding and soon they will be entrapped.


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