Sunday, May 25, 2014


If you ever visited mall or shopping center you will realize that you get spl attention to spl colour depending on your mood;its generalized not specific to odds.

Yellow- When u see yellow color and have blessed feeling,it means you are in mood of buying something else but u stuck to point and change your mind.

Red- When u see red color and feel happy thats means u have just finished a major work, and in search of new beginning new thought new motivation and u keep on in search till u got that loop break.

Pink - When u see pink color and feel happy thats means u are alone and love the peace of whatever you are going through and you have nice feeling for long and generally got break point when u see earth colored.

Green- Many feel green is not a color,well its debatable ,if you see green color and feel happy thats means you are telling lie to yourself and hide something knowingly or unknowingly .

Brown- If u like brown color,it said its difficult for you to wear that,some says it airborne color, u like it and its suits you but others don't like that.

Black - if you like this color and feel happy thats means you are raw, and beginning  a new chapter of life soon.

Blue - If you feel happy thats means you have just surpass a heavy-load of you life or work and need break from routine culture.

Fade-Shade- If you feel happy thats means you are attain a major setback and not want to forget that but wants to live with that.

Gawdy color- f you like and feel happy,this means you are futuristic person have knowledge but u attain from others and also want to give regards to that person but dunno who and how to be thankful

Now days these theories is irrelevant people wear the cloths and color the vehicle as it normal course of life,but those who mind it, are real gem of person and definitely are fashion designer