Tuesday, May 7, 2013

hi aftyer loooong time wants to write something
i ride quite a long mean almost miles across a country within a small caled in and around pune,its nice ride sometimes tricky sometime scarry,sometime sear thrill some time pleasure and some time TURning point too i know pune quite well but still thing something missing in this city,u know what i mean pleasure driving divine sun blessful greenry,sothing flvour of food and above all smiling face of ppl cheering around not rally i am talking about just fun hope sun might gre from west but it will be called mudwa and might set in west its called east street and some trees might show u way to join the shadow of leaves an dask u to leave to new path new destiny i thing its time to be more open minded and move to new horizon called ROAD TRIP to NORTH through moutains rains and the wildest animal waiting for mingle to kiss the feet of sand on ocean beaware it could be your shadow apart,soooooooooooo lets gooooooooooo, tring tring  triga ;;;;;!


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