Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ness Mess

Life in lonsome at the age of livingness
Twilight saga is the sage of nightinggayle
Offsore the sparrow life in the sage of forgiveness
its all the messi in our togetherness
but times have its stories in togetherness
there shall be motive in solisitation
untill love fall .i stay in happiness.

if there i spray of night i take my due in water
n become star of shadows
to live the grass fold i would say
i m still green in crazyness.

Friday, June 24, 2016

ROAD Stories

When i See Bikes moving this is what i feel
along the streets chasing the Road
crawling the people Seeking The night n
star comes in way.and the flower bed of long awaited call ....
... Here I AM this is WE.......

Hero :  The Mighty might be Story
Pulsar : The Bird is always Run in Pulse
Enfield classic:  The Guts the glory
Enfield Thundebird:  Run Like a Star chase the flower
Karizma: The length never lies with time
Benneli: The birds the wall its all about brick
Honda: Let go to 52 KALI might Arive
Toyota: The drive is esKool the ride
Triumbh: The Beat the sand n Song
Scooty: Is That Caliber in angel
Ferrari: What is The Time Race
Porche: Love Devotions n 5 minutes.
Sonata: The Funds Are great to run the monk life
Audi: The Base the basic lies in the A4 Drive we means Audi is Affordable
i20: The marketing need stories make it your own
CRV: The temperature is the standard fuel needs to fill n burn
Cruze: The tyre n grips are the base strings
Ikon: All new stories same climax...
Mercedze: Its Time in Business that what i stared upon...

The Pune is Pune..driven by tech run by intellect
the gravience of emotions come alive


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