Friday, June 24, 2016

ROAD Stories

When i See Bikes moving this is what i feel
along the streets chasing the Road
crawling the people Seeking The night n
star comes in way.and the flower bed of long awaited call ....
... Here I AM this is WE.......

Hero :  The Mighty might be Story
Pulsar : The Bird is always Run in Pulse
Enfield classic:  The Guts the glory
Enfield Thundebird:  Run Like a Star chase the flower
Karizma: The length never lies with time
Benneli: The birds the wall its all about brick
Honda: Let go to 52 KALI might Arive
Toyota: The drive is esKool the ride
Triumbh: The Beat the sand n Song
Scooty: Is That Caliber in angel
Ferrari: What is The Time Race
Porche: Love Devotions n 5 minutes.
Sonata: The Funds Are great to run the monk life
Audi: The Base the basic lies in the A4 Drive we means Audi is Affordable
i20: The marketing need stories make it your own
CRV: The temperature is the standard fuel needs to fill n burn
Cruze: The tyre n grips are the base strings
Ikon: All new stories same climax...
Mercedze: Its Time in Business that what i stared upon...

The Pune is Pune..driven by tech run by intellect
the gravience of emotions come alive