Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Y 2 K or Rather why to care

Y 2 K or rather why to care

Y2k is the problem young generation face is in year 2000,its like every computer document data got wiped off when clock ticks 12.00.00,
 Well while doing JD Edward project when transfering data at the times ticks 00.00.00 it will gives us question mark so what we did is we transfer the data in and data got transfered and easiy refelected in the data sheet.

But what is Y2K in deeper sense it came to lime light during 1913 they said in loud "end of the world" that time ,it means earth is loosing the soil and one year is missing in peoples mind and its called generation gab its depend on staregic point pressure where there are natural time fluctuating in pune i noticed there are eight points if go roam around you will notice on hour defference. there are 7 zeros you can says aroud pune and there is only one spot where time could be felt right.next it happend on 1935,1957 and year 1967 is generation gab then happen in 1976 and year 1991 is generation gab then it happened on 1998 and year 2000 is generation gap then it happen in 2005 and the generation gap time might be 2013..

well this is assumption and might not be a fact don't hang my neck for this ;).