Saturday, April 5, 2014

Opposition should make Neutralization

Once in school we have Mock Parliament, we was divided into 3 group main ,opposite and writer,
i was in writer group we have nothing special as such to do just listen to conversation and make a point and submit to the Adyakash.
Our mock parliament session lasted for 3 days and people studied hard ,they read every magazine to make a point and put that against the ruling party and we use to stand up for final verdict and stops the conversation mid way and ask for conclusion,we also have work to finish ,there were 300 local and global issues,we sorted that and made a point of discussion note and submitted to Adyakash.
One point where should be opposition or should there be neutralizer in opposites, we blankly concluded for neutralizer who could close down the deal on neutral note which could not be answered and which are bit global issues and should be joint effort of parliament to make your point to global parliament.