Saturday, April 5, 2014

ADL or FLF Design

Once was giving presentation to Bankers about the software which i made, its ended up from the shout outside the hotel we want the currency "ADL"   for name sake we call it President hotel. i stopped the presentation after seeing almost 100 supports outside bearing the candle and few yellow flag and the number on the flag in blue 4301, bankers also stopped the things they are joting down ,even they were surprise what is ADL and what is FLF, we combined thought its a not a good sign to talk about banking software. we went outside and talked to mop they told us ADL means "Ani Domnic legendra",well its out of the box one banker understood the situation and in short told us it will be big mess and they want ADL and they are from Domnic republic and they came long way after knowing the banking presentation its happen so many time down in the island..
we stoped about ADL and tey say we want FLF also now that nobody understand till now its wild guess, some says it means "Free Legendra Flicks or Flix ",well we some what understand that this means they want a lot more than banking software. and we ended up conclusion that they need to change the design of Few currency as those currency design are not good for transaction.
Well its was part of my presentation, and where ever i go for software presentation they come and i have to explain them the future of my software product and the things it will affect and they in turn suggest me the what could be done in better way for making software globally accepted ,
Well the currency with new design was sent to respective country, but any further advancement yet to be known.and i stopped giving banking software presentation after that.

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