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String - pakistani Band

Strings is the Pakistani band formed by the Karachi based Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia,Their first album titled ’Strings’ was released in 1990.
Five Best Songs of Strings :

1.)Anjane (album ?Duur?) This song is from Strings hit album ?Duur? and it?s a hit number sung by Bilal with sound of guitars is very good one. lets see some lines of this song? and if not listened to this song, then u are missing a good one from Strings so give it a hear.

Dekha Tujhay To Hua?.. Hua
Main DeewanaDekh Kay Aisa Laga??.
Laga Saathi PuraanaHuay..Begaanay Kyun??.
Huay.. Anjanee KyunDekha Tujhay To Hua?? Hua Main Deewana...

2) Duur (album ?Duur?) Another one is the title track ?Duur? which is very melodious and this song has hit the indi-pop chart. From this song also they got much recognized. The lyrics is awesome, it goes on:
Duur Say Koi Aaye??.
Kahin Chupkay Say WohDil Main Sama Jaaye??

3) Najanay Kyun (album ?Dhaani?) It?s the 2nd track from their album ?Dhaani?. In this song the soundtrack of Spiderman 2 is included. The lyrics is wonderfully composed by Bilal, it goes on like this?

Dekho kaisey parbat se badal gaye??.
barsein gey ye ab kahan!
Dekho kaisey pholon se khusboo gayee??
mehkey gee ye ab kahan!Sukh ban gaye sapney??.
sab kho gaye apneyDil bujh gaya?.
ghar jal gayaNa janey kyun... Na janey kyun!

4) and recently a OST from Shootout at lokhandwala
Yeh akari alvida na's goes ike this
dhadkane khaamosh hain,
kuch kehti nahiyeh aakhari alvida na ho
chaahate aankhon se behti nahiyeh
aakhari alvida na hoiss dard dil mein,
dil mein rehne dojo khauf hai aankhon se,
aankhon se kehne dodukh ki nadi
chup chaap behne dojo kehna hai tum dheere se keh doyeh
aakhari alvida na ho


1. Titanic (1997) $1,835,300,000

Director: James Cameron
Awards: Won 11 Oscars. Another 76 wins & 48 nominations

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) $1,129,219,252

Director:Peter Jackson
Awards:Won 11 Oscars. Another 98 wins & 62 nominations

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) $1,060,332,628

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) $968,657,891

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) $922,379,000

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) $921,600,000

Jurassic Park (1993) $919,700,000

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) $892,194,397

Shrek 2 (2004) $880,871,036

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) $866,300,000

Top Ten Music Album COVER

To find out what the top album covers of all time are non profit Vinyl Record Day (VRD) sought out public opinion rather than a panel of judges. Tallying submissions received through the VRD web site and radio stations around the US, the results were as diverse as the art form itself. Hundreds of titles were named. The Top Ten below represent one definite conclusion of the poll; it proved once more art is in the eye of the beholder.

1 ) Sgt. Pepper - The Beatles

2) Whipped Cream and Other Delights - Herb Alpert

3) The Court of the Crimson King- King Crimson

4) Their Satanic Majesties Request - Rolling Stones

5) Abraxax - Santana

6) Escape - Journey

7) Sticky Fingers - Rolling Stones

8) Fragile - YES
9) London Calling - Clash

10) Led Zeppelin One "Hindenburg Cover" - Led Zeppelin

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A year in China

I got an oppurtunity to work for a year long tenure in mysterious country called was a roller coaster ride for me, as indians we know china by its cheap products ,you pick up any branded shoes ,shirts like reebok nike u will see "Made in china"label in it ,china is suppose to manufacturing hub of asia almost 60% products are been manufactured here.
well come to the point as i landed in china,was impresed by its airport and cleaniness, as we are on our way we stop to take dinner,our chinese counterpart order the dinner ,to my suprise the food in not like chinese stuff that we used to get it here,it was rather plane and you have to sit in particular mannerism on table .After sleepless night we reach our destiny called shougunag.

FOOD : chinese cuisine is know to be the best in the world ,generally food cook out here is on venigar and use high flame .its totally differnet from what we get here in india,there are many joint spread around cities even u can get small stall "tapris" in and around busstop only, but the menu is in chinese and you are adviced to take chinese person along with you , generally they serve you hot water and i guess even cold drink and beer are not serverd chilled.
The wheat flour you get get here is generally fine wheat "maida",you have to be expert to search good quality wheat n get it cushed to get taste of indian wheat, In rice you can have variety to choose from,and you get very little cereals and pulses whichu get in india.
Spices -You can get almost all spices that u get in india,atleast salt and chillipowder are avaliable evrey were.
Tea - the tea leafes you get here is totally different ,here people use to have a bottle full of hot water and put two or three tea leafs in that n use to repalce water when it get cold .you can get variety of tea leafs depending on you taste of flavour ,there are few joint spl for tea.
Vegetables- you can get almost all vegetable that u get in india and the palce where i live is called as vegetable city,you can pick up vegetable from malls around or from local market.
Fruits - you can have seasonal fruits and some palce u can get even mangoes in offseason ,u can get apple throgh out the season some fruits are bit expensive like grapes ,banana etc..
Nonveg - this palce is heaven for those who r nonveg you can variety from worms to crocodile,spl in summer time peopel have fun with kabas and draught beer on the street, fish cooke d here is fantastic,almost on every saturady we use to have fish in chiense style.
Bakery products:the cake and other bakery product you get here are fantastic.,spl the way they do icing on cake.
Beer and Cig:here beer is damn cheap alost rs 12 a bottle max and have god range ,ou can even get multinationla brand here,other breavage are quite expensive,cig is also cheap out here and have variety to choose from.
PEOPLE : people whom i met are very nice,humble and pro indian and have good sense of humour, well its hard to find a typical chinese person that we imagine in india who have thin moucthe and thin bread.they have good body and are strong ,from face it's hard to guess there age and generally they don't show emotions on there face or in there voice,girls are pretty and what ever they wear look good on them,n have a remarkable figure,had i been chinese i would have marry someone down there.and when they see foreigner they wants to talk ,wants to be friends with you ,in one such incidents while shopping around in a mall i met a aunti ,she was a big fan of Big B and saw his movie DON and even have poster on her wall and lover of indian movie,she approach me help me in shoping and even in getting a free gift and latter she ask me to have few indian movie.
in second incident while i was sitting around in park and having cig and was not in best of my mood a couble approached me and start talking to me and seems to be confused about my look (pakky or indian ),i guess b'cous of my gotty beared,they where keen to learn english so that they have a edge over others for jobs,they also wants to go USA to yearn like most of indians.
In a third incident i was having a beer with my friends,few guys sitting around called me and start pracing me and eager to know what i am doing and how is india and some other stuff ,i share a beer with them exchange few things and latter they said let me know if i need any sort of help.
During summer days people gather in park and play and those who want to dance can also have western dance on the floor made spl for dance and some lite music going on.
but when it come to take work from them it really a challenge ,i one of a such incident where we want to print few broucher it took us almost 6 hours to finalize it and take a final print,where it take half n hour down here,but when it comes to thing which they know they do it real fast,they bulid almost 6 -7 new bulidings in just about 4-5 months where it takes ages here.
well it take time to mould people and when mould is ready you can make as much product u want.

CULTURE : well its suprise that they don't believe in god or rather don't know,i found a common idol who they treat as goodluck charm, they celebrate spring festival at large and some festival in october i guess its caled as autumn festival,during these festival they gather in there family house and drink wine and celebrate . it's hard to find chinese peopel in there traditional dress almost everyone wear western outfit even down in village

WORKING ENV : they are very hard working people and there office start generally at 7vand arounfd 11 they have lunch time which last for 2 hr or so they genrally have nap during that tinme and at around 5. or 5.30 close do open early in morning and remain open till around 9 .
INFRASTRUCTURE : They have great infrasture ,in shnagahi they have world fifth tallest tower and in around 2010 they will have world talest tower having 101 floor.they have good conectivty by road ,rails and planes,

They have both WLL and mobile ,but bit expensive than india,international calls ar bit cheap and there is particualr code by which u can slash your phone call bill almost half,unlike india you won't found coin boxex ,you have to take a card rather.


Historical Relics
The Great Wall , Qin Terra-cotta Army in Shaanxi ,Ruins of Guge Kingdom in Tibet,Silk Road ,Forbidden City in Beijing ,Yuanmingyuan in .

Five Most Famous Mountains :
Mt. Taishan in Shandong , Mt. Hengshan in Hunan, Mt. Hengshan in Shanxi
Mt. Huashan in Shaanxi, Mt. Songshan in Henan

Beaches :
Beidaihe Beach in Hebei ,Beihai Silver Beach in Guangxi ,Dadonghai Beach in Hainan
Qingdao Beach in Shandong ,Yalong Bay in Hainan

Natural Scenes
Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area in Sichuan ,Yellow River Scenic Area in Henan , Zhangjiajie Scenic Area in Hunan , Beidaihe Scenic Area in Hebei , Mt. Jiuhua Scenic Spot in Anhui, Mt. Wuyishan Scenic Area in Fujian, Mt. Emeishan Scenic Area in Sichuan

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Formula 1 ........ F1

Formula One began in 1946 with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile's (FIA's) standardisation of rules. A World Drivers' Championship followed in 1950. The F1 world championship season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, held usually on purpose-built circuits, and in a few cases on closed city streets. The results of each race are combined to determine two annual World Championships, one for drivers and one for constructors

Race Procedure : The pit lane opens thirty minutes before the start of a race, during which time drivers may drive around the track as much as they like.

At -10:00 the grid is cleared of everyone except team mechanics, race marshals, and drivers
At -5 tyres after taking it out of tyre warmer are attached to the cars , Refuelling must also be finished by that time.
At-1:00Engines must be running by ; at 15 seconds to the start all personnel must be clear of the track.

The race is started by five red lights, The lights illuminate one at a time, left to right, in one-second intervals, and then go out simultaneously after an interval of between four and seven seconds. When the lights go out, the race begins.

Scoring :
The Driver's and Constructor's Championships are decided by points, which are awarded according to the place in which a driver classifies at each grand prix. To receive points a racer need not finish the race, but at least 90% of the winner's race distance must be completed. Therefore, it is possible for a driver to receive some points even though he retired before the end of the race. In that case the scoring is based on the distance completed in comparison to other drivers.
1st place 10 points
2nd place 8 points
3rd place 6 points
4th place 5 points

F1 Cars

Engines :There have been many different types of engines; normally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged, ranging from straight-4 to H16, with displacements from 1.5 litres to 4.5 litres. The maximum power achieved in the history of the series was around 1,200 bhp .All cars have the engine located between the driver and the rear axle.

Steering wheel :The wheel can be used to alter traction control settings, change gears, apply rev limiter, adjust fuel air mix, change brake pressure and call the radio. Data such as rpm, laptimes, speed and gear is displayed on an LCD screen.

Fuel :The fuel used in F1 cars is fairly similar to ordinary gasoline Blends are tuned for maximum performance in given weather conditions or different circuits. During the period when teams were limited to a specific volume of fuel during a race, exotic high-density fuel blends were used which were actually heavier than water, since the energy content of a fuel depends on its mass density.

Tyres :By regulation, the tyres feature a minimum of four grooves in themThey can be no wider than 355 mm and 380 mm at the front and rear respectively. Unlike the fuel, the tyres bear only a superficial resemblance to a normal road tyre. Whereas a roadcar tyre has a useful life of up to 80,000 km, in 2005, a tyre is built to last just one race distance (a little over 300 km). This is the result of a drive to maximize the road-holding ability, leading to the use of very soft compounds (to ensure that the tyre surface conforms to the road surface as closely as possible).

Brakes:Disc brakes consist of a rotor and caliper at each wheel. Expensive carbon-carbon (the same material used on the Space Shuttle) composite rotors -are used instead of steel or cast iron because of their superior frictional, thermal, and anti-warping properties, as well as significant weight savings. These brakes are designed and manufactured to work in extreme temperatures, up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. Regulations specify this control has to be manual, not electronic. An average F1 car can decelerate from 100-0 km/h (62-0 mph) in about 17 metres .

F1 Teams


Base:Woking, UK
Drivers:F Alonso ,L Hamilton
Test Drivers:P de la RosaG Paffett
Engine:Mercedes-Benz FO 108T
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1966
World Championships: 8
Highest race finish:1 (x149)
Pole Positions:125
Fastest Laps: 129

Base:Maranello - Italy
Drivers:F Massa ,K Räikkönen
Test Drivers:L Badoer
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1950
World Championships: 14
Highest race finish:1 (x195)
Pole Positions:190
Fastest Laps: 196

BMW Sauber
Base:Munich, Germany / Hinwil, Switzerland
Drivers:N Heidfeld ,R Kubica
Test Drivers:T GlockS Vettel
Engine:BMW P86/7
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1993

Base:Enstone, UK
Drivers:G Fisichella, H Kovalainen
Test Drivers:R ZontaN Piquet
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1977
World Championships: 2
Highest race finish:1 (x33)
Pole Positions:50
Fastest Laps: 27

Base:Grove, UK
Drivers:N Rosberg ,A Wurz
Test Drivers:N Karthikeyan ,K Nakajima
Engine:Toyota RVX-07
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1975
World Championships: 9
Highest race finish:1 (x113)
Pole Positions:125


Fastest Laps: 129Base:Koln, Germany
Drivers:R SchumacherJ Trulli
Test Drivers:F Montagny
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 2002
World Championships: 0
Highest race finish:2 (x2)
Pole Positions:2
Fastest Laps: 1

Red Bull
Base:Milton Keynes, UK
Drivers:D CoulthardM Webber
Test Drivers:R DoornbosM Ammermuller
Engine:Renault RS27
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 2005
World Championships: 0

Super Aguri
Base:Leafield, UK
Drivers:T SatoA Davidson
Test Drivers:S YamamotoJ Rossiter
Engine:Honda RA807E
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 2006
World Championships: 0


Base:Brackley, UK
Drivers:J ButtonR Barrichello
Test Drivers:C Klien
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1964


Base:Silverstone, UK
Drivers:A SutilC Albers
Test Drivers:M WinkelhockF FauzyA Valles
Engine:Ferrari 056H
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 2006

Toro Rosso
Base:Faenza, Italy
Drivers:V LiuzziS Speed
Test Drivers:TBC
Engine:Ferrari 056
Tyres:Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 2006

Circuits /tracks .
In total, 65 different circuits have hosted World Championship races.

Adelaide Street
Albert Park
Bahrain Circuit
Circuito da Boavista
Brands Hatch
Circuit Bremgarten
Bugatti Circuit
Caesar's Palace
Circuit de Catalunya
Circuit Charade
Detroit street circuit
Donington Park
Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
Autódromo do Estoril
Fair Park
Fuji Speedway
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Istanbul Park
Autódromo Internacional
Circuito Permanente Del Jarama
Circuito Permanente de Jerez
Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Interlagos
Korean International Circuit 0
Kyalami Circuit 0
Long Beach street circuit
Magny-Cours Circuit
Monsanto Park
Monte Carlo
Montjuïc circuit
Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Mosport Park
Nivelles-Baulers Circuit
Autódromo Oscar Alfredo Gálvez
Circuit Paul Ricard
Pedralbes Circuit
Pescara Circuit
Phoenix street circuit
Prince George Circuit
Riverside International Raceway
Scandinavian Raceway
Sebring Raceway
Sepang International Circuit
Shanghai International Circuit
Silverstone Circuit
Singapore Street Circuit
Suzuka Circuit
Tanaka International Circuit
Valencia Street Circuit
Watkins Glen
Yas Island
Circuit Park Zandvoort
Zeltweg Airfield
Circuit Zolder

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Spanish League .......La liga

In April 1927 Jose Maria Acha, a director at Arenas Club de Getxo, first proposed the idea of a national league in Spain. After much debate about the size of the league and who would take part, the Real Federación Española de Fútbol eventually agreed on the ten teams who would form the first La Liga in 1928. FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Real Sociedad, Arenas Club de Getxo and Real Unión were all selected as previous winners of the Copa del Rey. Atlético Madrid, RCD Espanyol and CE Europa qualified as Copa del Rey runners-up and Racing Santander qualified through a knockout competition. Only three of the founding clubs, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao

Followings are the winners of Spanish League
2000 Deportivo de La Coruña
2001 Real Madrid
2002 Valencia CF
2003 Real Madrid
2004 Valencia CF
2005 FC Barcelona
2006 FC Barcelona

Real Madrid

Football was introduced to Madrid by the professors and students of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza. They included several Oxbridge graduates. In 1895 they founded the club Football Sky, playing on Sunday mornings at Moncloa. In 1900 this club split into two different clubs New Foot-Ball de Madrid and Club Español de Madrid. The president of the latter club was Julián Palacios. In 1902 the latter club split again, resulting in the formation of Sociedad Madrid FC on March 6, 1902. The first president was Juan Padrós Rubió; the first secretary was Manuel Mendía; and the first treasurer was José de Gorostizaga. Juan Padrós Rubió would be later succeeded by his brother, Carlos Padrós from Spain. In 1905, only three years after its foundation, Madrid FC already won its first major title. The team won the first of four consecutive Copa del Rey - titles (at that time the only statewide competition). In 1920 the club's name was changed into Real Madrid after the King grants the title of Real (Royal) to the club.
success journey
In addition to their domestic success, Real Madrid's reputation as a major club was established by their outstanding record in the
European Cup. To date have they have been crowned champions of Europe a record nine times. Alfredo Di Stéfano, Ferenc Puskás and other famous players helped the club win the European Cup five times in a row between 1956 and 1960, which included the memorable 7-3 Hampden Park final against Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960. The club won for a sixth time in 1966, defeating Partizan Belgrade 2-1 in the final with a team composed entirely of nationally-born players, a first in the competition. They were also runners-up in 1962, 1964 and 1981. Winning the competition five consecutive times saw Real permanently awarded the original cup and earning the right to wear the UEFA badge of honour. They have also won the UEFA Cup twice and were twice runners-up in the European Cup Winners Cup.

Statistics in La Liga
Seasons in La Liga: 76 (all)
Best position in La Liga: First (29 times)
Most goals scored in a season: 107 (1989-90)
Most goals scored in a match: RM 11 - Elche 2 (1959-60)

Statistics in European Cup
Most goals scored in a match: RM 12 - Boldklubben 1909 0 (1961-62)
Most goals conceded in a match: AC Milan 5 - RM 0 (1988-89)

General statistics
All-time top scorer: Alfredo Di Stéfano with 307 goals
Most Appearances: Manuel Sanchís Hontiyuelo with 524 matches
Player who has won most titles: Francisco Gento with 21 titles

On 22 October 1899 Joan Gamper placed an advert in Los Deportes declaring his wish to form a football club. A positive response resulted in a meeting at the Gimnasio Sole on November 29. Eleven players attended: Gualteri Wild, Lluís d'Ossó, Bartomeu Terradas, Otto Kunzle, Otto Maier, Enric Ducal, Pere Cabot, Josep Llobet, John Parsons, and William Parsons. As a result Foot-Ball Club Barcelona was born. Several other Spanish football clubs, most notably Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, also had British founders, and as a result they initially adopted English-style names.
FC Barcelona quickly emerged as one of the leading clubs both
Catalonia and Spain as they competed in both the Campionat de Catalunya and the Copa del Rey. In 1901 they won their first trophy when they won the Copa Macaya and in 1902 they also played in the first Copa del Rey final, losing 2-1 to Club Vizcaya.

La Liga Champions: 18
Copa del Rey: 24
Supercopa de España: 7
UEFA Champions League: 2
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: 4

The club was established in March 5, 1919 and officially approved in March 18, 1919, with Octavio Augusto Milego Díaz as its first president; incidentally the presidency was decided by a coin toss. The club played its first competitive match away from home on 21 May 1919 against Valencia Gimnástico, and lost the match 1-0.
2005: Fans at Estadio Mestalla.
Valencia CF moved into the Mestalla stadium in 1923, having played its home matches at the Algirós ground since
7 December 1919. The first match at Mestalla pitted the home side against Castellón Castalia and ended a 0-0 draw. In another match the day after, Valencia won against the same opposition 1-0. Valencia CF won the Regional Championship in 1923, and was eligible to play in the domestic Copa del Rey cup competition for the first time in its history.

La Liga Champions
1941-42, 1943-44, 1946-47, 1970-71, 2001-02, 2003-04
Copa del Rey
1940-41, 1948-49, 1953-54, 1966-67, 1978-79, 1998-99
1961-62, 1962-63, 2003-04
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
Spanish Super Cup
1949, 1999

English Premier League

The league held its first season in 1992–93 and was originally composed of 22 clubs. The first ever Premiership goal was scored by Brian Deane of Sheffield United in a 2–1 win against Manchester United. The Premier League is operated as a corporation that is owned by the 20 member clubs. Each club is considered a shareholder with one vote each on such issues as rule changes and contracts. The clubs elect a Chairman, Chief Executive, and Board of Directors to oversee the daily operations of the league. The Football Association is not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the Premier League, but has veto power as a special shareholder during the election of the Chairman and Chief Executive and when new rules are adopted by the league.

There are 20 clubs in the Premier League. During the course of a season (which lasts from August to May) each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents for a total of 38 games for each club, with a total of 380 games in each season. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then goal difference and then goals scored. At the end of each season, the club with the most points is crowned as champion. The three lowest placed teams are relegated into the Football League Championship and the top two teams from the Championship, together with the winner of play-offs involving the third to sixth placed Championship clubs, are promoted in their place.

Following are the clubs

  • Arsenal - founded in 1886 has won 13 First Division and Premier League titles, 10 FA Cups and in 2005–06 became the first London club to reach the UEFA Champions League final.
  • Aston Villa founded in 1874 having won the First Division Championship 7 times and the FA Cup 7 times. Villa are also one of only four English clubs to win the European Cup.
  • Birmingham City They were FA Cup losing finalists in 1931 and 1956. They won their only to date in 1963 when they lifted the League Cup

  • Blackburn Rovers the majority of the club's success was pre-1930 when they won the league and FA Cup on several occasions.

  • Bolton Wanderers Football Club (also known as The Trotters) are an English professional football club based in the Borough of Bolton, in the North West of England. They are currently in the Premier League. In 2005–06 they participated in European competition for the first time but were knocked out of the UEFA Cup in the round of 32 by Marseille. Bolton qualified for the 2007–08 tournament by finishing 7th in the 2006–07 Premier League. Bolton Wanderers moved to the Reebok Stadium in 1997. Their former home was Burnden Park.

  • Chelsea Football Club (also known as The Blues or previously The Pensioners) are an English professional football club based in west London. Founded in 1905, they play in the Premier League and have spent most of their history in the top tier in English football. They have had two broad periods of success, one during the 1960s and early 1970s, and the second from the late 1990s to the present day. Chelsea have won three league titles, four FA Cups, four League Cups and two UEFA Cup Winners' Cups.
    Everton Football Club is an English football club located in the city of Liverpool. They are one of the top five most successful English clubs in terms of major honours, having won the League Championship 9 times, the FA Cup 5 times and the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup once. The club's most recent major trophy was the 1995 FA Cup.

  • Fulham Football Club (FFC) are an English football team based in Fulham, London. Founded in 1879, Fulham FC are the oldest professional football team in London, They spent much time in the Old First Division (Premiership) through the 60s, but are yet to gain any major honours, their only FA Cup final appearance being in 1975. They did win qualification to the UEFA Cup in 2002 by winning the Intertoto Cup.
    Liverpool Football Club are an English professional football club based in Liverpool. They play in the Premier League and are the most successful club in English football.[1]They lead the way in terms of English League Titles, with eighteen, and are third in terms of European Cup[2] wins, with five, an English record. They have also had success in the other cup competitons (see honours, below). Liverpool are a founding member of the G-14 group of leading European football clubs.

  • Manchester City Football Club is an English football club based in the city of Manchester. Formed in 1880 as St. Marks (West Gorton), they went on to become Ardwick A.F.C. in 1887 before finally becoming Manchester City F.C. in 1894. The club have won the League Championship twice, the FA Cup four times, the League Cup twice and the European Cup Winners Cup once. Manchester City's most successful period came in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when they acquired several trophies under the management team of Joe Mercer and assistant Malcolm Allison, and with great players such as Colin Bell.

  • Manchester United Football Club is an English football club, based at the Old Trafford stadium in Trafford, Greater Manchester, and one of the most popular sports clubs in the world, with over 50 million supporters worldwide. Manchester United is one of the most successful clubs in English football, second only to Liverpool F.C. in terms of trophies won by an English club. They have won the Premier League/Football League 16 times (most recently in the 2006-07 season), the FA Cup a record 11 times, the League Cup twice, the European Cup / UEFA Champions League twice, the UEFA Cup Winners Cup once, the Intercontinental Cup once, and the European Super Cup once. The club has had the highest average attendance in English football for the past 34 seasons, with the exception of 1987-89.Among European clubs, they have been perennial revenue leaders for the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they are still the fourth richest (in terms of revenue) in the world.

  • Middlesbrough Football Club are an English football club, commonly known as Boro, that play in the Premier League. The club was formed in 1876. since August 1995, their third ground since they became professional in 1889.The current manager is Gareth Southgate who was appointed on June 7, 2006 by current chairman of the club Steve Gibson. Middlesbrough won the League Cup in 2004, the club's first and only major trophy.

  • Newcastle United Football Club (also known as The Magpies or The Toon) are an English professional football team based in Newcastle upon Tyne. They play in the Premier League and are historically the seventh most successful club in English football.This takes into account all results since the beginning of English league football in 1888.
    The club formed in
    1892 after the merger of two local clubs, Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, and has since played at St James' Park, the old Newcastle West End ground in the city.

  • Portsmouth Football Club Founded in 1898, The club is nicknamed Pompey (also the nickname for the city) and play in the Premier League. The club's most recent trophy was won on April 27, 2003 when Pompey beat Rotherham 3-2 to win the First Division championship, giving the club promotion to the Premier League for the first time since its inception.

  • Reading Football Club are an association football club, based in the English town of Reading, in Berkshire. They currently play in the FA Premier League. When Reading gained promotion to the Premier League, on 25 March 2006, they achieved promotion to the top flight earlier in the season than any other post-war side, and also gained the highest points tally ever attained in any of England's four professional divisions. It was also the first time Reading had reached the top division in their history.

  • Sunderland Association Football . They are currently nicknamed the 'Black Cats', after being previously known as 'The Rokermen'. Before the Second World War, Sunderland were league champions 6 times, when they became the last football club wearing striped shirts to win the English football league. , becoming the first team to join the league after its birth in 1888; and stayed in the top flight of English football until 1958, a record of consecutive seasons which only Arsenal have bettered in 1992. The club won their first F.A. Cup in 1937 with a 3-1 victory

  • Tottenham Hotspur Football The club is also commonly referred to simply as Tottenham or Spurs, Tottenham were the first club in the 20th century to achieve the League and FA Cup Double, winning both competitions in the 1960-61 season. In 1963, Spurs became the first British club to win a European trophy - the European Cup Winners' Cup.

  • West Ham United Football Club are based in Upton Park, Newham, East London The club was originally founded as Thames Ironworks F.C. in 1895 and later reformed, in 1900, as their current incarnation. They initially competed in the Southern League and Western League before joining the full Football League in 1919 and enjoyed their first top flight season in 1923. The club have never fallen outside the top two divisions. They have won the FA Cup 3 times: also captured the now defunct Cup Winners Cup in 1965 and the Intertoto Cup in 1999. They also won the first War Cup in 1940.

  • Wigan Athletic Football In 2003, Wigan were promoted to the Football League Championship for the first time, and in 2005 came second in the Coca Cola Championship to gain promotion to the Premiership. During the 2005-06 season, they reached the League Cup final for the first time and remained in the top half of the Premiership for nearly the entire duration of the season.


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