Sunday, February 23, 2014

NDA Life 2

After 4 class things tends to changes new foreign delegates use to come in NDA sometimes they visited our school and have a talk or two , i still remember Indria Gandhi ,Gyani Jail Singh, And Queen Elizabeth came to attend NDA passing out parade and we used to go for that parade and we used to get a chance having a morning breakfast with them and use had a small talk with delegates n we use to get very happy for few days and use to feel proud when we came to know and saw them on TV that they are world leaders, once i remember few persons from queen regime visited our school n they use to take our sketch and give us pen and small toy cars as gifts n we use to persevere it and use to take our interviews (lately we came across the terminology) its fun ,but as students our primary jobs is to do well in studies ,even after studying very hard we didn't get very good marks we expect 85-90 n we use to get 50-60 well its same case till post graduations ,During MBA i use to know its same case every where in pune nothing usual, well during my tenth class i studied MBA crash course, there where very nice girls around NDA but those days Cricket ,football, cadets studies and extra curricular activities took the front stage these even my parents not known ,we use to get driving training also and that to xtreme dare devil kinda combinations.some ppls says they even saw us doing product marketing ,i guess i might not be part of that. well i always go with formation to chk ppls new things n whats new in market and had a level 3 talk with so called officers not in uniforms though. it was fun