Monday, February 24, 2014

NDA School

During our schooling we use to take part in curricular activities,i choose cricket and karates and for time begin Scouts n guides, we also had all india scouts n guide competition in our school and we use to do night patroling and sleep for long druing morning i didn't took much part in that i just took part in essay competition and our school won some prize in that and we use to get prize in jungle tracking and navigations. in karate we had evening batch i use to practice only Kata and not fight and got pink belt and had a inter school competitions our school got best  Kata prize and had tough time in bought  few got good scars in heart not in body though. evening time we had a small group we use to go to movies in campus for 25 paise a children show and have good time there prompting  shouting and throwing popcorn and then i came to know about infatuation humm nice feeling though but story has beginning and ends it ends with posting as all arms forces depart from there 3 year tenure. that the worst part of beign in armed forces as a civilians we used to get good long stay in NDA. our group during that time use to go for loong morning walk with our dogs and we use to walk for around 10 KM,in jungles we used to go to chandmari a small cliff but we didn't concequr it. our dogs was the best he used to make horses in equestrian for a long run and usually get stick from master but every other days horse has even bigger long run.we used to pluck a mangoes from jungle local jungle fruits and there are people who make our mistake into nice things and we appreciates them,we used to have a weekend cricket match for 10 rs prize to 500 rs prize and our team usually mingle with bigger team of college goers and use to win matches,i use to play evening with season ball and five player and concentrate on balling and felt really happy after broking stums.