Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 visit China

After having 54 days i went to china again hopes r high, expectation are high feel is good but the visit last for 13 hardcore days, the worst you could imaging i thing the TIME was not right but i saw the real china the real god like peoples the devils the angels the faeries, kings n all i thing i was in medieval era. its saying in Chinese proverbs that
"1 visit see the heart 2 visit see the lungs 3 visit plz don't come" its like che,cheze,china

well those 13 days each day has glory of it own if you laugh on one episode you cry on second incident and blush on third event and your work complete with die-hard note.the most courageous event was there parade you just can't imaging the way they do extravaganza enthuse velor and vela humm.
while coming back  i lost everything that i took from there ,my luggage n left with few chinese currency
how i came back is still a dreams to me ,well 3 time don't go.

for a change link:NASA Link