Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cross word of para

1 )  when roots goes to the mango of grave of the white
      yellow and throne house where only animal lives
      and eat food that people serve on the berry yard

2)   The singing song the grave yard whistle the
 lady sings the old melodies of the whistle wood
 she the one who never saw the movie of young gun.

3)  To the red orchid of land where strawbereies are plenty
on the roff black bottom in the nightagle sworn hill the
people live and wait for the school bell tring
where people study nature way its called tung da killa re.

4)  Cherry top on the roof top of table free land
   of pine and pineaaple sell not less then 3
   its none other than 'azara' behjan in Bhuj Khalistan