Sunday, February 23, 2014

NDA Life 1

I have done my schooling from KV NDA Western part of Maharashtra ,near Bombay .its very prestigious institute of gov of india where young gov officers are made,i think Kendriya Vidayala  manage a very good fix by taking a place in NDA a opening a school ,my parents and grands parent are also paase out of KV so its nothing new for me to attend a school,after doing my kg fromJodhpur and first class from Nasik and range hill i attented KV 2 class atmosphere was fantastic, trees ,jungles, wild animal ,young friendly neighborhood very Too good teachers and head master young arms forces officers n friendly jawans and all the more enthuse young cadets who joins NDA for three year for there graduation. routine class since 4 class but very unusual evenings every now n then i think i m in new place new friends new ground games sometimes i indulgence in army physical training sometimes going to their private cabin and having good meal n using their domian to learn new things during that time i use to like aeronautic engineering, they taught me just summary and i use to see stars and watch peoples gesture n make sketch what ever comes to my mind sometime they understand sometime i just through in dustbin.