Monday, February 24, 2014

Post Graduation life

After completing my MBA i started searching for job and slowly as time passes by i started my own IT company and manage to register it ,its also came in top 100 promising company but i never get a chance to saw in media print only heard from mouth of people, i use to make softwares and do the presentation in near by places,once i got a opportunity to give demo of banking software in front of 30- 40 peoples it was good sometimes i feel like i am giving Microsoft like demo it was god but didn't get success after few years i joined a company and went to china for 50- 60 days again i had opportunity to take part in Sino-Inidia summit and had a chance to represent Indian IT company it lasted for 3 days we had great talk with Chinese counterpart had few bagful of promises and few projects for company, we stayed there in shouguang near weifang kite city and great time there enjoyed snow and lots of food varieties,met eminent leaders and i manage to meet all 17 gov leaders by taking reference of various business man and i say its not atall easy even to see them in public,it was nice experience met them had a small discussion and a tea meeting, the peoples in china in the company where very nice they learn hindi marathi and we also learned Chinese and used to sing Chinese song in morning when we enter the company and they use to sing hindi song,we use to gather in morning breakfast sometimes our campus and sometime there campus.we visited many places in china Beijing ,Dalian, Zibo..,