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Dreams are a display of what our mind sees when we don't control it. They can be caused by many different factors. How we should react to a dream will be determined by the type of dream we saw. Some dreams are the result of external stimuli (if you sleep with a fan blowing on your face, you may dream of flying a helicopter), or biological causes (if you go to bed thirsty, you may dream of yourself hiking through a parched desert searching for water). These dreams are not terribly significant. The message may simply be to take a drink of water, or move the fan away from your head. Other dreams are the continuation of the thoughts of the day (a problem you ponder during the day can sometimes be solved in dreams at night), or an _expression of unwanted thoughts - issues that are bothering us and we are trying not to think about pop up in our dreams (we often dream of our darkest secrets being revealed, or deepest phobias being faced). These dreams are a window into our subconscious, a peek into the thoughts our mind is occupied with when we let it run loose.

If you see following things in your dream those can be interpreted as ...

Abandoned; Difficulty in making a decision. Abandon someone; Difficulty in overcoming a stressful situation. Abandon a child; Poor judgment in a situation causing a loss of material objects and finances. If you abandon your lover, you will not retrieve lost valuables, and friends will divert from your favors. To abandon your business, indicates a frantic state of affairs in which there will be suspicion.

ADULTERY Being part of / performing; You will be faced with taking responsibility for a situation that you were part of. Spouse or partner performing; Affection is a concern.

AFRAID Yourself; Disappointment is around you. Others; An acquaintance will not come through with a promise.

BABYBirth (Married); Predicts happiness and good fortune. Birth (Single); Trouble in a relationship. Crying; Disappointment. Happy baby; Happiness in relationships. Carriage; Pleasant surprises forthcoming.

BATTLE Fighting a battle; After much difficulty you will succeed in an endeavor. Lose; Others will be responsible for your failing interests regarding business issues.

CALLED To hear your name being called by a stranger; Hard work will pay off and you’ll be able to meet obligations. To hear your name being called by someone you know; Your help will be needed to resolve a problem. Hearing the voice of your lover should bring warning. Someone might be negligent in giving attention. Misunderstandings should be addressed. To hear your name being called by your partner; Communication is failing, clear up a misunderstanding. To hear your name being called by the dead; Reconsider decisions.

DEAD Take caution in your plans and reconsider how you are going about doing something. Listen carefully, a solution to a dilemma can be found. Peacefulness and acceptance can be achieved

FOG Being in fog; a struggle is ahead of you. Coming through the fog; after a struggle you will succeed in your plans.

JAIL Back to the TOPTo see other people in jail foretells that you will be urged to grant privileges to persons whom you believe to be unworthy.

KILLING To kill a defenseless person; failure in an endeavor. To kill in defense; Success and advancement.

MONEY To find; Happiness is on the way. Paying; A distressing development. Receiving; Gratification and prosperity approaching. To lose; An unhappy situation at home. To steal; Watch your actions closely To see; Good things are about to happen. To save; Predicts wealth and comfort. Missing; You’ll have concerns over finances.

PRAYING· A negative or losing situation can be changed to the positive if you are willing to put forth great strive to achieve it.

QUICKSAND If you dream that you are in quicksand means that you may be deceived or threatened by a loss.

RAINBOW To dream of a rainbow means denotes more favorable aspects in life. If you dream of seeing a rainbow with a partner, you will have much bliss.

RAT In general; deception is around you. To kill a rat; you will achieve success in your endeavor. To catch a rat; you will win a fight against a wrong doing. To set a rat trap; Don’t give up a battle that you will soon win.

RUNNING Alone; you’ll achieve success, exceeding those around you. With others; Success is forthcoming. And falling down; Be sure you’re not misunderstood, your reputation is at risk.
SNAKESBite; Animosity from a friend or associate. Biting others; You will harm someone with your words or actions. Killing; You will triumph over your adversaries. Children playing with; Someone that you consider is helpful is actually doing harm and could be deceitful towards you.

SPINNING Back to the TOPYou will enter upon a venture that will be fulfilling.

STEPS Walking up; You have a solution to a troubling situation. Walking down; You could witness an unhappy situation. Falling down; Take heed in your business affairs, as they could be threatened.

TEETH Falling out; means that you may have an upsetting experience with someone or something. Or, simply put, unpleasant news. To have your teeth cleaned or brushing your teeth; you have to fight for what is yours. Admiring; good news is coming. Toothless; Powerlessness over progressing.

TELEPHONE Talking over the phone; a warning of jealousy from someone close to you. If you can’t hear the person on the other end; trouble with a lover.

TORNADO Disappointment over a particular situation that you rushed to complete.

TREASURE To dream that you have found treasure, means that you will receive help in business affairs. To loose treasure means you could loose friendships or have a turn of bad luck.

TRIANGLE If you dream of a triangle, you will suffer from loss of friends or have conflicts with loved ones.

TUNNEL To dream that you’re going through a tunnel indicates anguish in business decisions.
To look into a tunnel means that you will soon encounter an unfortunate issue.

WALKING Pleasant or enjoyable; Good luck and fortune approach. Evening; A struggle to achieve serenity will be hard but not impossible to overcome. Unpleasant; Worry regarding business issues.

WALLET Seeing or finding; You’ll receive what it is you want if you go after it. Old beat up; Execution of a situation won’t produce the results you want.

WEDDING Happy wedlock; happiness all around you. Secretive; an obstacle needs to be overcome. Unhappy wedlock; disappointment with something in your life, most likely your relationship.


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