Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trek in maharashtra

1) Kalsubai - Ratangad - KatrabaiWhat to see - Kalsubai is a highest peak in the Western Ghats. Bhandardara Lake, Caves, excellent view of mountain range.
2) Harishchandragad - KunjargadWhat to see - Ancient Caves, Temple, a huge semi-circular rock wall of about 400 m. It is a most frightening sight.
3) Kulang - Madan - AlangWhat to see - Hill fortress of very natural strength, Series of water cisterns on top of the hill, excellent view of neighboring peaks, Dense Forest.
4) Chawand- Jivdhan - Nane GhatWhat to see - A historical pass which was used for trade in 1st century, rock carvings, Caves, ancient temple and beautiful view of Konkan.
5) Sinhgad - Rajgad - TornaWhat to see - Well constructed hill forts, Ancient Caves, Jungle, Capital of Maratha Empire, Best rock architecture.


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