Monday, May 4, 2015

Life Gradient

when true to being the real the cult of fear remains the dread of nightingale the french always remais.the colour of eye is

purple the skin has the ting shade.
he heronoic of dread reamins the silent prayer of nightingale the lod noice of crow , the roar of the tiger, the pray of the

animal all goes to the land of returning parallel the tangent remains the reciprocattion .you deserve different startas of

life to reach the hand of almighty where she tooks you the destiny of grey the shades of cloud the stars of yellowish dim

light the angel never comes, the horse never comes, the soul never comes,what remais is the eyes of the cloud and water
of holloween
It was black orange, th shiny green,the tulip red and the touch of the velvet skies pearl in the harbour of yellowish river

of paw of the tiger,still comes to serve you and take care you reach the destiny of your own deserve.
The smile at last goes to the lips of butterflies with simple two spots tingling red spots.
 what ever you name this paranomic explanations, 129 lifes,186 marriage,2739 sons n daughter, hoipeless,killbee,mercy
the zest reamin the the same