Thursday, May 14, 2015


When Your hear the word Entrepreneur , the first thought comes into mind is Enter the dragon the chinese way making yourself ready for be what u r really capable of , Then when you decided you think of Thailand to safe your foods desired as begin entrepreneur you think its always going places foreign trip on call fly nearby cities, then next thought comes to your mind safe yourself in dubai n start enjoying life n be a dream person of business.
 Well when i thought with few thinkers,some local politician leaders they say in india there are three cities which can make you ready to be a good entrepreneur, first to make your mind and thinkers and lead the own business its MARWARD. for family values PUNE and for capital n finance MUMBAI..

We have small group of 1325 peoples we called its as GIGS R to make india ready for next leap
and make it entrepreneur rich country . Northeast Region , Mid India Rajasthan.  North region

Pxt-Shakti in South region

Pxt-RdoSng Regional retro cities
we use to called it 69 place,52 place ,56 place,32place,47 place


All this leads to the a RAYINDEX initiative in jammu region.
Jammu  -91337089xx3dmultdyy3edumltdx ;;{ technical Architecture}


The code behind numeric Still unfinished_698472

985417 6985417 693219 98563219 85693215 7963218 5693215 4176931 87693215 9631875 6985417 7963218 5417693 2185417 693218547 6...