Saturday, November 15, 2014

When Alone Not lonesome

When  ever i am lonely always i want to thanx to some one special think about it and thinks happen about it its goes like ;Thanx to the 10 commedment of Miltary Air Force Which gave us the Ambiance like victoria tower,garden of eden ,london post,"Audmbar Tree",banjara life anclosed with Ashvmeagh and few yogi of Dynaeshwari and some lake at the foot print of peacock,some legendary fort wit legacy of swiss canal some 37 stick yard circular geomtry with lunar catter and sea like tree compliation, thanx and will always remember the bridge on the go in life.Clock ,Parade Ground,Bombay Stadium ,ferry ,Rocksolid foundation it bares and dare devil "Seal Animal" it bares.

The code behind numeric Still unfinished_698472

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